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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: Why Citizen Cold was the Best Returning Guest

Taking a look at the best returning guest for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, there are a few interesting candidates like John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) and Jonah Hex (Johnathan Schaech). Most of them are basically eliminated though because they are returning but not from this series. And Hex would’ve […]

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The Flash Season 4: Two Arrow Actors to Guest Before the Finale

We had a good idea of some of the upcoming guest stars that are scheduled to pop up over the final five episodes of The Flash. With the release of episode synopsis and official photos, three different stars were guaranteed to return in one way or another… but thanks to executive producer Todd Helbing, we […]

Crisis On Earth-X

Flash Season 4: Wentworth Miller to Return as Citizen Cold

Wentworth Miller made his Arrowverse debut in the first season episode of The Flash called Going Rogue. As Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, Miller would appear multiple times before becoming a regular member of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But his character sacrificed himself at the end of the first season. He was brought back for […]

Crisis On Earth-X

Crisis On Earth-X: Who Is This Version Of Leonard Snart?

Tonight kicks off the Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X, and we’ll get to meet a new version of Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller). Snart was Captain Cold on Earth-1, a meticulous criminal who steals an ice gun made by Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and eventually teams with Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell). Then Captain Cold and […]

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Legends Of Tomorrow: Is This The Last We’ll See Of Captain Cold?

In the first season of The Flash, Wentworth Miller was cast to play Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold. Snart is one of the most popular of the Rogues in the comics and he quickly became that in the series as well. When the producers put together DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Miller along with his former […]

What Will Be Will Be – Savitar Gets What He Wants

This article contains spoilers for The Flash – Infantino Street. . . . . . We are finally to the night where Barry Allen sees Savitar kill Iris West. It’s been building to this since the show returned at the beginning of the year and with every episode they failed to find a way to […]

Does Iris West Die Tonight? – The Flash Live Blog

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of the Flash season 3 and the big question for a while now is, ‘Will Iris West die?’ If you read the buzz on-line, a lot of people seem to think that it will take place tonight with the finale being about morning and finding a way to move on. […]

It’s Eobard Thawne’s Reality And We’re All Just Living In It

This article contains spoilers for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode – Doomworld. . . . . .   The penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 was quite exciting and continues a season that has made it the most fun of all of the Arrowverse shows. The episode opens with Eobard Thawne as […]

The Legion Of Doom Expands It’s Membership

This article contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow episode – Fellowship of the Spear. . . . . . This is one of those good news, bad news episodes for the Legends. Good news: you get all the pieces of the spear and figure out how to destroy it. Bad news: You lose the […]

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Today, Tomorrow And Beyond

Moving on today to the group show on the CW Network, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Now this show is a bit different in that it’s not a 23 episode season as the others. This one is only 13 episodes in season one and now 17 for season two after the additional 4 episode order. I […]

That Thing That Happened On Legends And What It Means For That Person

If you haven’t already watched tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow entitled Destiny, then go watch that now and come back. . . . Cause there be spoilers below. . . . The new is all about that guy above. Wentworth Miller who plays Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold. The episode has Snart going out […]

Legends Of Tomorrow Got THAT Out Of They Way…

This article will contain spoilers for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode Progeny. . . . . . When you are a writer who is telling the story of time travelers, and if they control where and when they go, then you will eventually have to answer the question: “Why don’t they go back in […]

Wentworth Miller Talks About Depression, Suicide And A Body Shaming Meme

Wentworth Miller became a star when Fox’s Prison Break became a hit. Miller started opposite Dominic Purcell as brother’s trying to escape from jail. The show ran for four seasons. He returned to television last year as Captain Cold / Leonard Snart on The Flash which led to one of the starring roles in DC’s […]

Six Important Moments From DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – White Knights

This article contains spoilers for last nights DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – White Knights. . . . . . . The title of the latest DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was White Knights, which may not trigger the same image for me… but I think it did for the writers on the series as the team […]

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Chills Out With Captain Cold

The Flash has arguably the largest and most diverse rogues gallery of any comic hero, only Batman is close but I give the nod to the Scarlet Speedster because his group recognizes themselves as a group and often work together… Batman’s villains sometime team up but their egos tend to be their downfall when working […]