leonard nimoy

Monday Morning Runaround – That Is Not Spock

HIGHLY ILLOGICAL The comic convention where you pay $100 minimum to see Leonard Nimoy on Skype and get a pre-signed autograph… I’M NOT SURE WHAT SPORT IT IS BUT THEY SURE LOOK PRETTY Las Vegas Wranglers get all webbed up. The Wranglers will be dressed as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man Saturday, March 1, versus the […]

Sentinel Prime, Standing Tall

Here’s a good look at Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime’s older and better. In Monsieur Michael Bay‘s upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Big Prime’s voice will be provided by Leonard Nimoy. Looking at the detail of the rendering, I can’t help but think of all of the talented CG modelers, texture artists, lighting technicians et […]

VIDEO: Will Leonard Nimoy Be In Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit?

This is a weird one because what could have been a huge news scoop is being so casually tossed aside, but the Brazillian website Band are reporting that Leonard Nimoy has a role in The Hobbit. As The One Ring so rightly point out, this may just be a bit of confusion caused by the […]