Leila Del Duca

Sleepless #1 cover by Leila del Duca

Sleepless #1 Review: Jane Austen but Royal and Boring

In a kingdom, there is a princess named Pyppenia. She is protected by a Sleepless Knight named Cyrenic. She goes to coronation of the new king, whom is her uncle Surno. Pyppenia, or “Poppy,” is the daughter of a former king now dead. There is tension with the new king taking the throne, and there […]

Why Shutter Is A Daring Comic

Shutter, from what I’ve been able to see, has been a very popular comic and well-received among the creative-minded and those whose taste I value particularly. It’s a fascinating comic, an unrelentingly lively one, that keeps the pace about as breathless as is possible while still maintaining separate beats. In an era, knock on wood, […]

Joe Keatinge And Leila Del Duca Announce Shutter – Updated

Kevin Schmidt writes from Image Expo, Kirkman turned the Image Expo stage over to Joe Keatinge who announced his new series Shutter with art by Leila Del Duca. It’s the story of Kate Christopher, an explorer and journalist living in a world with “astronauts on the subway”, robots and demons. Launches in April.   Updated […]