Captain marvel

‘Generations: Captain Marvel #1’ Review: A Classic Hero Returns

Carol Danvers has been thrown back in time and into the Negative Zone to find an ongoing battle on a planet she doesn’t recognize. Captain Marvel quickly discovers that she is witnessing an invasion of a planet by Annihilus, the Living Death. Thankfully, she is soon joined by her old friend and previous bearer of […]

Marvel Generations: Hawkeye And Hawkeye, A Perfect Pairing

This one slipped past me somehow. I’m sad; this was the Generations one-shot I was most looking forward too, and I somehow missed it when the week it was released. In any case, Kate Bishop finds Clint Barton locked in a deadly competition of the best marksmen in the world. After convincing young Hawkeye to […]

secret empire #10

Secret Empire #10 Review: A Better Ending Than This Series Earned

This is it. This is the big one. In the wise words of Red Foxx: “I’m coming, Elizabeth.” Or at least, I would be if this were nearly as bad as I feared it would be. With Secret Empire #10, for the first time, Secret Empire actually surprised me. Considering this is the ending, that is […]

Industry In Revolt As More Retailers Boycott Marvel Lenticular Covers

As Marvel tries to secure its grip on the Diamond Throne, more retailers are refusing to bend the knee and order its line-wide lenticular variant covers. Earlier this month, Bleeding Cool told you about All New Comics, an Ontario retailer that was refusing to order any of Marvel’s line-wide Legacy lenticular variant covers. The shop […]

Matthew Rosenberg Writes Punisher For Marvel Legacy; Guiu Vilanova Draws It

Yes, we knew that Punisher would return to its Legacy numbering with issue #218, and yes, we knew that Frank Castle would be donning the War Machine armor. But did we know the creative team would consist of Matthew Rosenberg and Guiu Vilanova? No, we did not. Rosenberg, author of Black Mask comics such as […]

New Marvel Hire Donny Cates Says Writing Thanos Comic Gave Him Nightmares

Donny Cates signed a Marvel EXCLUSIVE contract exactly one month ago. And we learned he’d be taking over Thanos from Jeff Lemire just two days later. Today, Cates revealed that he already suffers nightmares from his job. We already know most of the titles Marvel is publishing in November, but that hasn’t stopped Marvel from […]

sinister six

Mystery Villain Leads New Sinister Six For ‘Spider-Man’ From Bendis And Bazaldua

Steve Bannon was just fired from the White House and has suddenly become available. Coincidence?! When Marvel Legacy comes to Spider-Man in November, it will bring the kind of exciting changes readers have to come to expect from Marvel’s industry-changing relaunch. Such as “The Great One” Brian Bendis continuing to write the book, or the […]

captain america

Waid And Samnee Aim To Make Captain America Great Again For Marvel Legacy

One of the big threats…er, promises behind Marvel Legacy is purportedly showing respect to the storied past of the Marvel Universe and its iconic characters, while also looking to the future. But what if a character’s legacy has been irreparably tarnished? When Captain America returns to Legacy numbering of #695 in November, writer Mark Waid […]


Bowers, Sims, And Walker Bring Back Darkhawk For One Issue Only In Marvel Legacy

Another day, another round of slow burn reveals for Marvel’s November solicitations. We previously learned that CM Punk will write the Master of Kung Fu one-shot, one of a bunch of titles coming back for one issue only as part of Marvel Legacy. Now, we’ve got the creative team for Darkhawk #51: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, […]

power pack

Devin Grayson Is Writing ‘Power Pack’ With Marika Cresta At Marvel In November

Marvel has released the first of what’s sure to be many sneak peeks at their November solicitations, in hopes that artificially dragging out the reveal of what comics they’ll be publishing that month will make it seem more interesting — even though that totally backfired with the industry-changing October solicit revelations. Included in the solicit […]

Dan DiDio On DC Comics And Acknowledging Legacy Numbering

Friend of the site, Andrew, contacted Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Comics to try and get an answer on DC Comics’ legacy numbering of their monthly and twice-monthly comic books. And whether or not, with so many anniversaries coming up and with Detective Comics and Action Comics doing well with their legacy numbering, there might an […]

Donny Cates And Geoff Shaw Join ‘Thanos’ For Marvel Legacy

At the Next Big Thing panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced the creative team for Thanos in Marvel Legacy. Replacing a departing Jeff Lemire, newly Marvel-EXCLUSIVE writer Donny Cates will take over writing duties, while Geoff Shaw takes over art. Cates described his ideas for the series as dark and brutal, and said that most […]

Slott And Immonen Bring The Fall Of Parker To Amazing Spider-Man For Marvel Legacy

Marvel has revealed the details for Amazing Spider-Man in Marvel Legacy, changing the industry forever with the same creative team as before. Delaying the inevitable confirmation of Bleeding Cool’s rumor that Nick Spencer will take over writing duties on Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Legacy, it looks like Dan Slott is sticking around at least a […]