Lee Loughridge

The Punisher #228 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #228 Review: Undercutting the Satisfaction

Iron Man has arrived at the prison, and he is not happy about Frank Castle using Rhodey's War Machine armor. Before a fight can ensue, the Punisher traps Iron Man in the prison and chases the prison transport carrying the Hydra Supreme Commander, the evil Steve Rogers. Baron Zemo and Ghost are protecting the transport, […]

Punisher #227 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #227 Review: Hunting Hydra with Black Widow and Winter Soldier

Punisher, Black Widow, and the Winter Soldier are gearing up for their assault against the prison holding high-value Hydra members. After gearing the War Machine armor, the trio go to the prison and find Hydra launching their own prison break. Frank, Natasha, and Bucky must tear through the Hydra soldiers if they want their prize, […]

The Punisher #226 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #226 Review: Setting Targets on Hydra

The Punisher is out for Hydra blood. He has a lot of guilt leftover from his taking their side in Secret Empire, and he intends to rectify that by wiping the fascist organization from the face of the Earth. He starts by using CIA information to track down the whereabouts of one Baron Helmut Zemo. […]

The Punisher #225 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #225 Review: The Punisher vs. the Avengers

The Avengers have tracked down Frank Castle and his War Machine armor. If he's going to continue his crusade, he must make it past Earth's Mightiest Heroes. If he can even make it past that, he must find someone to remove the nanite trackers in the suit and Nick Fury. The battle between the Punisher […]

Olivia Twist: A Dickensian, Dystopian New Comic from Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva, and Emma Vieceli at Berger Books

Dark Horse and the Berger Books imprint have announced their next upcoming series: a reimagining of Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist set in a dystopian future. Olivia Twist is billed as "a female-centric futuristic fable" from the slightly less female-centric creative team of bestselling author Darin Strauss, short fiction author Adam Dalva, artist Emma Vieceli, and colorist Lee Loughridge. Covers […]

Crude #2 cover by Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge

Crude #2 Advance Review: Still Flawed but Vastly Improved

Piotr Petrovich has arrived in Blackstone to find a desiccated town ruled by warring gangs. Petropinnacle keeps its heel on the throat of the people while Meshe Adam is another power-hungry gang that claims to be a revolutionary movement. Both are potentially guilty in Piotr's eyes, and he will go through them both if they […]

Spawn #285 cover by Francesco Mattina

Spawn #285 Review: Interesting Allegory Buried in Text

Spawn is captured by the United States government. He's not speaking to them, and his status as an unidentifiable individual sparks a media and federal firestorm as the U.S scrambles to find out what to do with Al Simmons. Disclaimer time: I'm not especially familiar with Spawn. This is the first comic about the character […]

Crude #1 cover by Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge

Crude #1 Review: Decent Ideas, but the Execution is Needlessly Baffling

Piotr and Valentina are a Russian couple with a son named Kirilchik. Piotr is secretly a hitman known as Kolovrat. Kirilchik grows up, discovers he is bisexual, and feels restrained in their hometown of Vladimir. He moves away to a town called Blackstone. A year later, his body is brought back to Vladimir, and Piotr […]

Kid Lobotomy #6 cover by Nick Robles

Kid Lobotomy #6 Review: Too Surreal for its Own Good

I'm not even sure where to start with the plot of this one. Kid Lobotomy has a flashback to a time when he saw Big Daddy beat a man to death over a disagreement about a book. Kid runs away, and we return to the present where he is given guidance by a giant cockroach […]

X-Men: Bland Design – An Unexpected Ending in Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #5

Welcome to X-Men: Bland Design, the weekly multi-part recap column that answers the question: "What if Ed Piskor had no art skills, a juvenile sense of humor, and less classic material to work with?" This week there are five regular-priced X-Books on the stands, which will run you a total of 20 bucks to buy and, thanks to modern comic book […]

The Punisher #221 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #221 Review: Surviving by Chance, but Still Coming Out on Top

The Punisher and his War Machine armor are accidentally recovered by a fishing boat. He is able to remove the powerless armor and has the fisherman return him to the mainland. He ambushes one of Petrov's patrols and finds an engineer who claims he can fix the War Machine armor. It's not long after that […]

deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #4

X-Men: Bland Design – Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #4

Welcome to Week 2 of our new ongoing column answering the question "What if Ed Piskor had no art skills, a juvenile sense of humor, and less classic material to work with?" That's right, it's, X-Men: Bland Design! This week there are five X-Books on the stands, which will cost you a total of $20 […]

Fiction Armour: All Star Batman #9 Review

Another issue of All Star Batman, and another way of Scott Snyder using the Batman comic to tell a Batman story in a whole new style, and that also discusses ideas one wouldn't expect in a Batman story. This time we open being told that this isn't in fact a Batman story, no matter how […]

Image Watch – Talking Outcast With Paul Azaceta

By David Dissanayake Outcast, the new Skybound/Image Comics horror series from Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, and Elizabeth Breitweiser hit stands a couple weeks ago to almost universal acclaim.  A really well constructed neo-horror story of demons and possessions, Outcast is off to a very promising start with its double-sized first issue. It is decidedly different […]

Deadly Class #2: Revisiting the 80's

By Dylan Gonzalez My girlfriend is eleven years older than me.  She is a bona fide child of the 80's.  She has her love for hair metal and the synth heavy rock of the time, particularly soft spots for Poison, Van Halen and Extreme.  But her heart really lies with punk, alternative rock, new wave […]