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Will DC Comics Ever Publish Lee Bermejo: Inside, On Dark Ground Hardcover in English?

Last year, Urban Comics, a DC Comics licensor in France, published a hardcover gallery of Lee Bermejo's work for DC Comics. It included finished art, sketches, work in progress alongside extensive interviews with Lee Bermejo and his colleagues, including writers, colourists, publishers and friends, telling the stories behind the scenes of his work on Batman […]

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo Working Together Again – But Not at DC Comics?

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo have been one of the more perfect creative pairings. With perennial sellers for DC Comics such the Luthor and Joker collections, the Rorschach chapter of Before Watchmen getting a new boost from the TV show, and the recent release of the collected Batman Damned topping the charts, they should be […]

Lee Bermejo on the Origins of Batman Damned and Not Wanting to Draw Guns, at #NYCC

Comic book creator Lee Bermejo talked on panel yesterday at New York Comic Con about his work and his process, at the New York Comic Con. Artist on books such as Joker, Before Watchmen: Rorschach,  Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, the recent Batman Damned, and writer/artist on Suiciders and Batman: Noel, his work gained infamy when a […]

Batman #50 cover by Mikel Janin

Advance Review: Batman #50 – Profoundly Unsatisfying [Spoiler-Free]

The day of Batman and Catwoman's wedding has arrived at last, and the two gather their witnesses and a judge to marry them off at dawn on a rooftop in downtown Gotham. While they prepare, Bruce and Selina individually reminisce about their times together, each other, and how their relationship has developed over the years. […]

Lee Bermejo

Lee Bermejo Draws Joker in the DC Comics Art Academy

DC has released a new DC Comics Art Academy with artist Lee Bermejo. The Art Academy's take place during conventions where artist sit down in front of a crowd and does a sketch while being interviewed by a host. Bermejo, who started at Wildstorm in 1997 as part of their internship program. He is  the artist […]

The Robins Of We Are Robin Are Really Young. Or We Are Really Old.

From the We Are… Robin short story in the back of Convergence: Worlds Finest #2. All these youthful folks being summoned (or not) to attend to need in Gotham. Using social media. And stuff. All fine and dandy, totally happy with it… until we get a Die Hard reference.   "Who". Die Hard is almost […]

Duke Thomas Is The Lead For DC's We Are Robin

USA Today is today's DC media partner, to announce details on the upcoming We Are Robin series, part of June's DC mini-relaunch by Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph. Including who is going to be in it. Duke Thomas, an African-American kid who's played an important role recently in the main Batman series, as he's indoctrinated into […]

Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Max Brooks And More Now Coming To London Super Comic Con In March…

The London Super Comic Con has released a bunch more comic attendees at the show… oh look, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen… you can see that Bleeding Cool's publisher must be in attendance! The new names are Arthur Adams, Simone Bianchi, Brian Bolland, Max Brooks, Mark Buckingham, Joyce Chin, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Adi Granov, Tabitha Lyons, Ron Marz, Ireland Reid, Esad Ribic, David Roach, Laura Sindall, Rachel Stott, David Wachter […]

DC Essentials Offers Up The Joker #1 By Azzarello And Bermejo For Free

DC continues the free comic program to promote what they are calling DC Essential stories. Last week it was the first issue of Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. This week they go to the caped crusaders archenemy with The Joker #1 by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. The Joker has been mysteriously […]

All-New X-Men #25 – Bendis And His 19 Artists

Rich's source from a few months back were dead on with this one. This April's oversized All-New X-Men #25 will have writer Brian Michael Bendis joined by Bruce Timm, Art Adams, Rafael Grampa, Lee Bermejo, J. Scott Campbell, JG Jones, Paul Smith, Jill Thompson, Kent Williams, David Mack, David Marquez, Skottie Young, Ronnie Del Carmen, Jake […]

Anatomy Lessons – Action Comics #775

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, & The American Way?" by Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, and Lee Bermejo It's impossible to discuss this particular issue of Action Comics now without also discussing Man of Steel, so if you're one of the many (myself included) that found themselves often exhausted […]

Swipe File: Indiana National Guard Vs Lee Bermejo's Lex Luthor

Here's the cover to Lex Luthor by Lee Bermejo, already ripped off by the British Rob Granito. And here is an ad for the Indiana National Guard, which traces the original… Real heroes don't wear capes. But they do use lightboxes, apparently. Anyone going to call Sergeant Joshua Meyers? Swipe File we present two or […]

The Before Watchmen Reviews Are In. From Some People.

Looks like midnight EST was the embargo point, for certain comic book journalists to be allowed to talk about the Before Watchmen comics they've seen. And a secretive project it was too! Joey Esposito (IGN Comics): Earlier this week, I was privileged enough to head over to the DC Comics offices in Burbank, California (which […]