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Russ Heath, Tanya Horie And Lea Hernandez On How The Hero Initiative Helped Them

You’ve probably heard of The Hero Initiative and know that they are a charity organization that help comic creators in need… but how they help isn’t often talked about. They step up and help with medical bills, utilities, supplies… or in some case simply helping with transportation. And for those who they help, it means […]

Lea Hernandez Inside The DC Art Academy

The final DC Art Academy filmed at last summers San Diego Comic Con featured artist Lea Hernandez. She was joined on stage by her Teen Titans Go! writer Merrill Hagan and the two answered questions as Lea drew Cyborg and Beast Boy cosplaying as Batman v Superman. [youtube]https://youtu.be/qc2Tkw4fgCs[/youtube]

Teen Titans Go! #8 Features Two Hilarious And Witty Stories

To begin my review, I will tell you that I’m a massive fan of Teen Titans GO! on Cartoon Network. As I walked up and down the aisles of my local comic book store this week, I came across a Teen Titans Go! comic book. Now, I’m sure I’ve seen issues before, but I had […]

Lea Hernandez Interprets The Harley Quinn Script

Late Night Fun…. Lea Hernandez on her DivaLea tumblr posted this image of a “naked” Harley Quinn with a toaster and a bathtub… and make sure you check out her latest work at the Garlicks.    

Sunday Runaround – Crumbwoman, Laser Lot And A Body Painted Punisher

FilmWatch: Could this be a case for films to return to San Diego Comic Con in 2013? “While all but four of the 21 films generated a profit, the amount of money made by extremely successful comic book movies vastly outweighs the small losses by a margin of 8:1,” she said. Berry also believes that […]

Lea Hernandez’ Garlicks: A Kick-Staker Project!

Lea Hernandez is a stalwart of modern comics. Working with Warren Ellis and Gail Simone – but mostly on her own – she pioneered the vanguard to creating original manga-styled graphic novels and continues to push in that direction on a regular basis. And now she’s joined the Kickstarter movement for her latest project, attracting […]