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Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday

UK comic creator and journalist P M Buchan gives Bleeding Cool the lowdown on what it was like exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Leeds, covering the breadth of exhibitors, the highs of the parties and the lows of the morning afters. This is the second and final report: [Comic created purely from tears & self-loathing […]

VIDEO – Grant Morrison Talks At Edinburgh Book Festival’s Stripped

Laura Sneddon‘s full interview with Grant Morrison is on YouTube, as part of Edinburgh Book Festival’s Stripped event, and why he’s at the show. [youtube][/youtube] Highlights include the word that Morrison listened to heavy metal music when writing Batman, he describes Annihilator with Frazer Irving as his “next Big Personal Thing” which will be followed […]

Grant Morrison Sent Zenith Legal Letters Without Response *Updated*

“We, uh, we spent five grand on lawyers’ fees. They sent [Rebellion] letters. We were very keen to discuss it and we’ve never heard back from them. All I can say is that we tried to get into a discussion with them and they just didn’t reply. I don’t know what to do at this […]

Grant Morrison To Talk About Zenith In Tomorrow’s Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian has been in the news itself of late. On one hand we have the boyfriend of their chief reporter on the Edward Snowden story getting held and interrogated without legal counsel for nine hours while passing through Heathrow on his way to Brazil. Then we have news of British secret services taking Guardian […]

More From That League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Review

Print journalism often demands that articles be cut for the space available. And so it was with Laura Sneddon‘s first review of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 that caused quite the commotion. Here is an expanded and extended section of that review, courtesy of Sneddon, placing the writer, the book, and the characters […]