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Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Tess Fowler, and Sexual Harassment in Comics

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Sexual Harassment and Tess Fowler

In 2013, Bleeding Cool reported on comic book creator Tess Fowler tweeting a series of statements about being sexually harassed by a specific and high-profile comic book creator. She spoke to Bleeding Cool about the incidents and their impact, but chose not to name him at the time. A week later she changed her mind, […]

Wednesday Morning Runaround – From Hot Topic To Batkid

Written with assistance of Tim Carson; WITHDRAW IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL Hot Topic have withdrawn the T-shirt that launched a thousand Tumblrs. @MollyMcIsaac Our intent was to encourage cosplayers 2 go all out. So sorry. It will be removed from our site in response 2 your feedback. — Hot Topic (@HotTopic) November 15, […]

Rape, He Wrote.

From Gail Simone's legendary Women In Refrigerators in 1999, Mark Millar told her; "Granted, the female stuff has more of a sexual violence theme and this is something people should probably watch out for, but rape is a rare thing in comics and is seldom done in an exploitative way." He might have added "yet" […]

Where To Find Me On Thursday At San Diego Comic Con

Yesterday, people and companies who had applied for panels at San Diego Comic Con 2012 were told if they were successful. And it turns out I have quite the busy Thursday. At 10.30 am I'll join the likes of Rick Offenberger, Alan Kistler, Chris Thompson, Bryan Young, Dan Manser, Heidi MacDonald, Holly Golightly, Kiel Phegley, […]

Comics Alliance's Dream Comes True In Cover Variant Form

We've all enjoyed the Godzilla retailer variant cover gallery. But why do I get the feeling that this particular Godzilla #1 variant from IDW will be more popular than the rest? If not perhaps for reasons that owner Larry would appreciate? He won't mind though, a sale's a sale…

All Bow Down To The New Lord and Master Of Comics Alliance

AOL is buying leading political website The Huffington Post for $315 million. As part of the deal, Arianna Huffington will be president and editor-in-chief of all AOL blog content. Which includes Asylum, Techcrunch and… the popular comics blog Comics Alliance. What effect will this power structure bring? Probably very little. Comics Alliance certainly seems to […]