Last Unicorn

Peter S Beagle Sues Connor Cochran Alleging Elder Fraud, Family Respond And Cochran To File Counterclaim

In 2014, Last year, Bleeding Cool ran an article (and a follow-up) detailing charges made by an anonymous website against Connor Cochran and his company Conlan Press regarding the promised work of the fantasy author Peter S Beagle, whom he represents, alleging fraud, theft, mistreating customers and employees and, ultimately, Peter S Beagle himself. Cochran rejected these charges […]

Full Refunds Offered Over Last Unicorn Lateness, Connor Cochran To Sue (UPDATE)

Over the weekend, we ran a piece highlighting claims made by the Fans Against Fraud website regarding Connor Cochran and Conran Press over the Last Unicorn project. Conran claims that the site is run by ex-employee of Conan Press, Michael Bolger (author of posts such as this). In contact with the site, however, the writer  denies this, and states that Bolger is […]

Last Unicorn Publisher Targeted With Accusations Of Fraud

Back in 2010, Bleeding Cool ran a story about how the creators of the Last Unicorn comic book, published by IDW, were running a Kickstarter to fund extra pages for the comic that the publisher was unwilling to pay for. The comic was based on Peter S. Beagle novel, and created by Peter Gillis, Renae De […]