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Comics Economics Of Star Wars #1 – The Day After

Last month, Larry Docherty of Larry’s Comics, looked at the Comics Economics of Star Wars #1, and as a retailer talked about is response to the multiple covers being offered. So how did his predictions pan out so far? Let’s compare and contrast what he said and what he experienced. My shop ordered 2,000+ Star […]

Cover Variance: Jim Lee’s Sandman

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is running a retailer membership drive. After announcing DCBS and Things From Another World as their first comic store corporate sponsors, they will be giving exclusive CBLDF variant covers to retailer members who sign up. This includes a variant of Sandman Overture #1 by Jim Lee and a Comics […]

The Gruesome Death Of Larry From Larry’s Comics

This is the final Luther Strode Phantom variant cover, as part of a hexatych, all six covers connecting together. Also, each sees a particular comics retailer getting physically abused in a rather upsetting way. Here’s the combined image and the retailers under the cosh. #1 Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics #2 Steve Anderson of […]

Fanboy Rampage: Mark Waid And Larry Doherty

On the Wordballoon podcast a few weeks ago, Mark Waid was interviewed at length about his current Marvel comics, and then after many minutes talking digital, Mark Waid took Larry Doherty from Larry’s Comics as an example. Larry’s an opinionated man, Larry goes on Twitter under the hashtag comicsmarket I salute Larry’s verve and energy […]

FCBD 2012: Free Comic Book Night From Double Midnight Comics, Manchester, New Hamsphire

This coming weekend, Double Midnight Comics of Manchester, NH will be ten years old. And they’re extending Free Comic Book Day festivities over four days… and into the night. On Thursday May 3rd the store will sponsor the world’s largest Taco Tour with superhero guides to helppeople find ove thirty local restaurants serving $2 tacos all night, […]

FCBD 2012: IMAX And Larry’s Comics of Lowell, Massachusetts

IMAX cinemas will promote Free Comic Book Day 2012 to their email subscribers and on their website, as well as tweeting, Faceboking and the like, in association with their Marvel Marathon running before the midnight release of Avengers the day before Free Comic Book Day. Larry’s Comics of Lowell, Massachusetts, will have David Petersen, creator […]

Thursday Runaround – The Walking Hundred Dead

IronWatch: I may have called Larry of Larry’s Comics all names under the sun. But he sure knows how to rack a comic book. TweetWatch: Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott replied to Brian Bendis’ line about writing a 616/Ultimate Spider-Man crossover, as reported by the New York Daily News. It was shortly deleted from Twitter…. […]

A Comic Show: Katie Couric’s Vomit

Aaron and Mike from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, tell you why you should love Dan Slott’s Spider-Man, buy the final Return Of Bruce Wayne book, why Nick Spencer’s Thunder Agents is the next best thing to X-Statix, and reasons to grab the collection of Jonathan Hickman’s A Red Mass From Mars, print vs […]


It was such a simple tweet that did it. From publisher Red 5 Comics Atomic Robo v4 #3 now up for PSP via @psncomics Two retailers jumped up instantly. From Larry’s Comics and Jetpack Comics ALSO Available in 1/ 3,000 Indy retail shops DEAR COMIC PUBLISHERS! If you are going to TWEET about your […]