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Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 1

Lets Take a Look at the New Deadpool Wave of Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends have come fast and furious all summer, and mutants are the toast of collectors right now. Finally Hasbro has listened and we are getting more and more mutants in the line now. Dedicated waves mutants come in two waves now, with X-Men and Deadpool waves adding more and more X-characters to our shelves. […]

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Toy Fair New York: Marvel Legends Reign Supreme, Celebrating 10 Years of the MCU

Hasbro held their Brand Preview for Toy Fair New York this afternoon, and we got a look at a bunch of new Marvel Legends figures that will be shipping throughout the year. The coolest announcement was the Ten Year Anniversary of Marvel Legends line, featuring their new face printing tech. Man, do these look great, […]

Deadpool Gets a Second Wave of Marvel Legends and Role Play Items

Deadpool is going to have a huge 2018, and with the new film will come a bunch of new toys and role-play items from Hasbro. All shipping in the fall, we are getting not only Marvel Legends but katanas and masks as well. Weirdly most of the items are aimed at kids and all-age folk, […]