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IDW Expands Marvel Action Line With Black Panther by Kyle Baker, Vita Ayala

It looks like there’s some more news out of IDW’s Big Scoop panel at New York Comic Con after all! The publisher announced an expansion of its Marvel Action line with a Black Panther comic. Bleeding Cool Ace Reporter Octavio Karbank was on hand at the panel to capture shots of the screen, which show […]

Now Kyle Baker Draws ComicsGate…

Yesterday we heard from Dave Sim, and today legendary comic book creator Kyle Baker of Damage Control, The Cowboy Wally Show, and Why I Hate Saturn lends his artistic abilities to the ongoing Comicsgate debate. So excited to be part of the new #comicsgate line of books. — Quality Jollity (@KyleJBaker) September 4, 2018 […]

From Strip To Script – Why I Hate Saturn

By Josh Hechinger Welcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise. Appropriately enough for the page we’re about to look at, I am completely, utterly, entirely blocked up when it comes […]

Kyle Baker To Launch Ongoing Sequel To ‘Why I Hate Saturn’

I read Kyle Baker‘s graphic novel Why I Hate Saturn when I was seventeen and it pretty much changed the way I thought comics could be. And I wanted to read more of them. And there wasn’t any. Love And Rockets felt too serious, Cerebus was too politically driven, David Chelsea In Love was just too pathetic. In […]

The Shadow Masters Series – Dynamite Expands Shadow Publishing Program

The Shadow 1941: Hitler’s Astrologer sold out immediately when it shipped showing the demand for the classic Denny O’Neil and Mike Kaluta story. So Dynamite Entertainment has not only taken the book back to press for a second printing, but they’re going to see if lightning will strike twice. A second volume has been announced […]

The Fifth Beatle Made The NY Times Best Seller List – And It’s Easy To See Why

Since The Fifth Beatle launched from Dark Horse Comics’ “M Press” division on November 19th, it’s been making the rounds of mainstream reportage because of its prominent subject matter—the life and times of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. By November 30th, the graphic novel appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List at #5 in […]

The Fifth Beatle Comes To New York And Miami

On November 19th, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story hits stores. The graphic novel by VivekTiwary, Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker and similarly titled feature film tells the story of the man who discovered the Beatles in a basement in Liverpool, guided them to fame and fortune and then died lonely at the age […]

Kyle Baker Returns To Comics With “Meh”

Some thought he’d given up on comics. He gave all his owned comics work away for free, digitally. But now he’s back with a new strip. “Meh”. Man, that took me right back to Why I Hate Saturn. Don’t anyone tell him that, he probably won’t take it as the compliment it is. But it […]

Andrew Robinson on The Fifth Beatle

Andrew Robinson, the creator of Dusty Star took on a very different project lately and Nikolai Fomich sat down to talk to him about it on behalf of Bleeding Cool. Bleeding Cool: Andrew, this project has been a long time in the making. Tell us a bit about how you got involved with The Fifth […]

New Why I Hate Saturn From Kyle Baker

Why I Hate Saturn was one of the first graphic novels that I truly loved, less for the Thelma And Louisish plot, more for the bar dialogue, work that has rarely been surpassed in comics. Witty and wise, clever and funny, it was a sitcom as comic, just far better than anything on the screen […]

A Deadpool By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Of Balls

What’s in a name? Often comic book products change their name from concept to production. Sometimes it’s legal, sometimes it’s a change of mind, sometimes it’s a technical issue and sometimes… it’s a shame. Take the Deadpool MAX: Balls Out Premiere HC. It has been retitled Deadpool MAX: Involuntary Armageddon Premiere HC. Kick Ass 2 […]