kiss kiss bang bang

Have a Hard-Boiled Holiday with ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’

While there are plenty of film noir movies, and there also are plenty of Christmas movies, there is only one Christmas-noir movie. While the pedigree of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang as a full on holiday movie may be in doubt, there is no denying that the film is chock full of holiday spirit. Take out […]

Shane Black Confirmed As Director Of Iron Man 3 – But Will He Write It?

Once upon a time, it was only rumour, possibility or potential. Eight days later, it’s more or less official: Shane Black is to direct Iron Man 3. This will be only Black’s second film as director after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That one he wrote too, and it would seem reasonable to assume he’s going […]

Marvel Meeting Directors For Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 has a few things – a name, a number, some stars and a release date of 3 May 2013. Marvel don’t yet know who will be writing or directing their next installment of Shellhead Tony, but they do know when they want to release it. Same old Hollywood song. Meetings have started […]