Last Remains, a New Spider-Man Event for 2020?

Last Remains, a New Spider-Man Event for 2020?

In January, Marvel is kicking off a new year of Spider-Man comics by teasing the buildup to a major storyline, one that seems likely to center around the demonic villain Kindred who has been skulking around the pages of Amazing Spider-Man for some time now. Recent hints to Kindred’s identity, particular his personal hatred for […]

Today's Amazing Spider-Man #31 Narrows the Odds of Kindred's Identity (Spoilers)

Today’s Amazing Spider-Man #31 Narrows the Odds of Kindred’s Identity (Spoilers)

Kindred, as seen in recent Amazing Spider-Man comics by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, once upon a time, was a human who died and went to hell. He became a demon and climbed the ranks of hell. He began torturing Mysterio in hell, and seemed to possess a mutual familiarity with Peter Parker, Spider-Man, referring to him as “Pete”. Telling […]

John Jennings box of bones

Dieselfunk Dispatch: John Jennings Talks Box of Bones and Making Monstrosities

Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! John Jennings, artist of the graphic novelization of Octavia Butler‘s Kindred (done with writer Damian Duffy), took a moment to chat with the Dispatch about the upcoming Box of Bones and to share a bit of Butler news. Box of Bones, co-created with Ayize Jama-Everett, is published by Rosarium Publishing.   DD: What […]