Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Responds To Police Decal Controversy

Yesterday we ran a story about the police in Catlettburg, Kentucky using and now removing a decal featuring the Punisher logo and the phrase 'Blue Lives Matter' from their vehicles. Now, the co-creator of The Punisher, Gerry Conway (he created the character with John Romita Sr. in the pages of Spider-Man #129), has responded to […]

Police Remove Punisher Logo From Squad Cars After Complaints

The Catlettsburg police department, in Eastern Kentucky, has chosen to remove a large, Punisher inspired decal from the hood of their police cruisers and SUVs. The decal design used a stylized version of the Punisher skull and the phrase 'Blue Lives Matter'. The department employs eight full-time and two part-time officers and has eight vehicles […]