Kathryn immonen

Snipe File – A New Comic From Kathryn And Stuart Immonen

Written by Kathryn Immonen, drawn by Stuart Immonen, Snipe was a limited edition comic-stroke-art object limited to 100 editions and sold at comic conventions. It has now been released as a ComiXology Submit title for $1.99. Snipe I follows a wildlife photographer lost in the woods while memories of his previous night’s fever dream gradually […]


The new Marvel solicitations for September are full of Infinity Heists and the like, as well as confirming the cancellation of Morbius. But… no sign of Journey Into Mystery? The comic currently being written by Kathryn Immonen starring the Asgardian Sif seems to be missing from the new solicitations. Has it, like Red She-Hulk, been […]