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I'm Dying Up Here's Ginger Gonzaga Joins Jim Carrey's Showtime Comedy Series 'Kidding'

I'm Dying Up Here's Ginger Gonzaga isn't travelling too far network-wise for her next project, joining Jim Carrey (The Truman Show), Judy Greer (I'm Sorry), Catherine Keener (Get Out, Death to Smoochy), Frank Langella (The Americans, Frost/Nixon) and Justin Kirk (Weeds) in Showtime's upcoming half-hour comedy series Kidding. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind helmer Michel […]

Weeds' Justin Kirk Returns to Showtime in Jim Carrey Series 'Kidding'

What do weed, a children's television show, and Showtime have in common? Actor Justin Kirk (Weeds), who is set to star opposite Jim Carrey (The Truman Show), Judy Greer (I'm Sorry), Catherine Keener (Get Out, Death to Smoochy) and Frank Langella (The Americans, Frost/Nixon) in the premium cabler's upcoming half-hour comedy series Kidding. Eternal Sunshine of […]

Crossing The Line For Justice On Latest APB

This article contains spoilers for the APB episode – Hate of Comrades. . . . . . The third episode of APB, Hate of Comrades, started off in a very interesting way. Gideon Reeves is having a party and debating whether or not he should be running a police precinct with Dr. Sanjay Gupta… the […]

APB Could Be More Than A Police Procedural

This article contains spoilers for the pilot episode of APB – Hard Reset. . . . . . . The premise for the new Fox series APB got my attention early on. A rich inventor named Gideon Reeves (He was Gideon Reed up until tonight it seems) is played by Justin Kirk and is basically […]

3 Clips From The Premiere Of APB

Fox has released three clips form the series premiere of APB which airs Monday at 9 PM. The premise for the series is Justin Kirk plays Gideon Reed, a billionaire tech genius that takes over the 13th precinct where his best friend was murdered but his killer was never caught. Reed brings in his technology […]

Bringing The Cop To The Equation – Behind-The-Scenes Of APB

Natalie Martinez plays Officer Theresa Murphy on the new Fox series APB. Her role is basically to be the other side of the equation as Gideon Reed (Justin Kirk) tries to upgrade the 13th precinct. One of the big themes in this series is the balancing of technology and human instinct to make the best […]

Justin Kirk Introduces Us To Gideon Reeves Of APB

The new Fox series APB centers around a tech-genius millionaire who takes over a police precinct after his friend is killed and the cops in that area are too busy being laid off to find the killer. Justin Kirk,  formerly of Modern Family, Tyrant and the voice of Hal Jordan / Green Lantern in Justice […]

Will APB Be More Than Just A Police Procedural?

The new Fox series APB could be very interesting science fiction if it's handled as something more than a cop show. The concept is that tech genius billionaire (Justin Kirk) ends up in store robbery that takes his best friends life. When the police fail to respond to the robbery and make no effort to […]

Watch Terry Gilliam's The Legend Of Hallowdega Online Now

I was tracking this one from the very second any trace appeared online, and we even had a spy on set, but Halloween is now here and it brings with it, Terry Gilliam's "filmette", The Legend of Hallowdega. I've not actually seen it yet – I'm exercising willpower and sharing the link with my beloved […]

First Footage And Poster From Terry Gilliam's The Legend Of Hallowdega

So, after all of the fuss and deep digging I did, it seems I had the title wrong: it's The Legend of Hallowedega, not Talladega. But who's complaining? It's a new film by Terry Gilliam, even if it's a short one. The above poster and the below video come from Collider who scored the exclusive premiere. […]

Terry Gilliam's Legend of Talladega – Photos, New Details

We'll start with some pictures, and then I'll tell you some of the new information we have on Terry Gilliam's short film The Legend of Talladega. These really are great pictures – our Little Bleeders continue to honour themselves with their spy works. You can click through to see each of them at a larger […]