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It Looks Like Jurassic Park 4 Is On Hold

Films are often frozen in the late stages of development, and for all sorts of reasons. Maybe it's not typically the big budget tentpoles, but it does happen with those too.

Continuity Is The Devil In Jurassic Park 4 – Saturday Trending Topics

Remember that time Matt Fraction said "Continuity is the Devil" at ECCC and we ended up having a big argument about it in the forum? I think this little tidbit about Jurassic Park 4 is a rather interesting illustration of the point. Most-Read Comic Stories Of Saturday: Axel Alonso Announces Marvel Now Wave Two, A Weekly What […]

Spielberg Won't Direct Jurassic Park 4, Peter Jackson To Capture Tintin 2 This Year

The War Horse wagon train rumbles on, reaching France, and all the glamour of a star-studded Parisian press conference (ie. a bunch of mostly self-entitled hacks asking tedious questions of the bored and tired… but in Paris). Amongst the talk of War Horse, Spielberg also spilled a little about upcoming projects, with the most interesting […]

Spielberg Confirms That Jurassic Park 4 Is In The Works

I wasn't at the Tintin panel this morning because it clashed with Locke & Key and I had to make a call. I think I made the right one. However, the word around Comic Con is clear: Spielberg announced that Jurassic Park 4 is definitely in the works, likely to hit in 2013 or 2014 […]

Steven Spielberg And Mark Protosevich Brainstorming Ideas For Jurassic Park 4

Hannah Shaw-Williams writes for Bleeding Cool: Nothing is confirmed, no one has signed anything, nothing official has been said and nothing for sure is going to come of this. Caveat in place, let's make way for Jurassic Park 4! Wahey, dinosaurs and that! The Hollywood Reporter has uncovered some meetings going on between Steven Spielberg […]