Colin Furze Creates A Real Version Of Junkrat’s RIP-Tire From "Overwatch"

Colin Furze Creates A Real Version Of Junkrat's RIP-Tire From "Overwatch"

If you know anything about Colin Furze, you know he likes to build crazy stuff. And if there's ever a game with crazy stuff, it's the weapons in Overwatch. I mean, really, try explaining to anyone how Symmetra's weapon works in the game on a real-life physical level. You can't. But apparently, you can explain […]

Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies

We already discussed looking at hoodies from Jinx as fall approaches, but this time we're going into the world of Overwatch with the second phase of their Ultimate Hoodies. The first batch of them were amazing and just in time as winter came in. While we'd love to fashion these off for you like the […]

Overwatch Makes a Few Character Updates in Latest Patch

The latest patch that Blizzard's devs have thrown into Overwatch this weekend fixed more than a fair share of bugs in the game and added the Rialto map, but also added in some new changes to a few characters on the roster. You can read the full list of notes here, but we have the […]

Blizzard Reveals Five New Skins Today For Overwatch

Overwatch players might want to start tuning up their skills and playing as many maps as possible in the weeks ahead, as Blizzard are going all-out on revealing more Epic Skins that you can download in the game. Today the company revealed five more on Twitter, featuring new looks for Reaper, McCree, Junkrat, Zenyatta, Symmetra. […]

'Heroes Of The Storm' To Get Two 'Overwatch' Characters

Heroes Of The Storm already has had some Overwatch crossover in the past with Tracer, Zarya, Lucio, Genji, and D-Va making appearances. Now two more characters from Blizzard's first-person shooter will be making their way over as Ana and Junkrat are set to be a part of the game. You can check out the debut trailer […]

'Overwatch' Debuts A Pair Of Videos With New Junkertown Map

Looks like Blizzard is going to have an awesome Gamescom as Overwatch revealed two different videos featuring Junkrat and Roadhog, along with a new escort map on the way called Junkertown. In a PR release for both videos, Blizzard welcomed everyone to the apocalypse with this intro: "Former home to Junkrat and Roadhog, Junkertown is […]

Current 'Overwatch' PTR Includes Roadhog & Widowmaker Changes

If you haven't been playing on the Public Test Region servers for Overwatch lately, we don't blame you. A lot of people shifted over once they got to play as Doomfist. For those still playing the PRT, they're getting to experience some new testing on buffs and adjustments on four specific characters that don't often […]