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Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal Revive Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man for Marvel

Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal are the creative team behind a relaunch of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Marvel revealed at their Spider-Man panel at New York Comic-Con Friday. Following the end of All-New Wolverine, Taylor has been gunning for the Spider-Man job, as Bleeding Cool reported back in August, which means that, technically, you heard about this […]

X-23 #3 cover by Mike Choi and Jesus Aburtov

X-23 #3 Review: Not Enough Gabby, but Some Solid Action

Gabby has been kidnapped by the Stepford Cuckoos. Laura is on their trail, but the Cuckoos are masters of mental manipulation. X-23 can't be sure whether she can trust her senses. However, Laura is tenacious and will do anything necessary to see her sister again. She also needs to find the geneticist they kidnapped, as […]

X-23 #2 cover by Mike Choi and Jesus Aburtov

X-23 #2 Review: The New Best Dynamic Duo in Comic

The Stepford Cuckoos have found their fallen sister, and this pushes them to advance their plan more quickly. They abandon the X-Men and the Xavier Institute. Meanwhile, Gabby still wants to know the date of X-23's birthday. Laura evades and goes to investigate the workplace of the missing geneticist. She finds a lead that takes […]

X-23 #1 cover by Mike Choi

X-23 #1 Review: Gabby and Laura Are Still a Wonderful Team

X-23 and Honey Badger are chasing down people who have been stealing mutant genetic material. After stopping one such set of criminals, they are called back to the Xavier Institute to meet up with Beast, who has information on a geneticist who has gone missing. There, they meet another set of clones, the Stepford Cuckoos. […]

X-23 cover july 2018

X-23 Replaces All-New Wolverine in July from Mariko Tamaki, Juann Cabal

Sometimes, we don't want our own rumors to be true. That's the case when Bleeding Cool predicted that we could soon see the end of All-New Wolverine, despite the book selling relatively well and being well received by fans. Writer Tom Taylor recently launched a new core X-Book, X-Men Red, and that book contains the […]

All-New Wolverine #30 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

All-New Wolverine #30 Review: Orphans of X Sticks the Landing

Wolverine and Gabby wake up Daken, Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike. They ready themselves to bring the Orphans of X down, but they discover what the group really is. They're not the monsters that Laura feared, and she tries a different approach. The waylaying and sidetracking of the "Orphans of X" arc had […]

All-New Wolverine #30

X-Men: Bland Design – Laura Captain Americas in All-New Wolverine #30

Welcome to X-Men: Bland Design, the weekly column that answers the question: "What if Ed Piskor had no art skills, a juvenile sense of humor, and less classic material to work with?" This week there are five X-Books on the stands, which will cost you a total of $21 to buy and, thanks to modern decompression techniques, take roughly ten […]

All-New Wolverine #29 Cover by Elizabeth Torque

All-New Wolverine #29 Review: Contrived But Still Fun

With Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstrike possible killed by the Orphans of X, Wolverine, Gabby, and Daken are partaking in a ritual with Muramasa to create a shield and armor that can deflect the creations of the Muramasa Blade being used by the Orphans. Unfortunately, this lays the three mutants up for a […]

All-New Wolverine #27 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

All-New Wolverine #27 Review: Slowest Issue In Some Time

Daken and Wolverine return to Debbie and Megan's house. Daken is hurt and still missing his arm, but he can explain to everyone what he learned about the Orphans of X and their intentions. He also warns Laura and the rest of their plans to recover the Muramasa Blade. Wolverine had sent Captain Marvel to […]

All New Wolverine

All New Wolverine's Legacy Brings The Orphans of X And Daken

Marvel have been drip feeding the information about the Marvel Legacy line-up, from comics industry changing gifs of covers, to all the first story arc titles, and now actual solicit info and creative line-ups. But issue by issue. Well, today is the turn of All New Wolverine, which will be at issue 25 at the […]