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James Bond And Keanu Reeves Go Casting, Might As Well Be Googling “Chinese Babes”

There are two American movies currently canvassing for beautiful Asian actresses and there are rumours emerging about just who the lucky ladies might be. First up, Keanu Reeves‘ directorial debut Man Of Tai-Chi, which is reported to be Reeves’ love letter to Chinese martial arts, and he’s seeking a female lead for the movie. Keanue […]

Recommended: Dream Home On DVD

When Pang Ho-Cheung’s Dream Home was released in UK cinemas last year, I ran a post imploring people to go and see it. I’d like to reprise much of the argument, now that the film is being released on DVD in the UK. Here are four reasons I gave that Dream Home is worth your time. […]

Five Reasons You Really Should Go And See Dream Home

Leaving aside all of the usual arguments about supporting small films, bijou distributors and the like, what specific reasons are there to watch Pang Ho-Cheung’s Dream Home? Here are Five Things that I hope will convince you take a punt and turn out for what I think is one of the year’s best films. 1. […]

Trailer, Poster And Stills For The Superb Dream Home

The big surprise of this year’s Fright Fest was Dream Home, a slasher film from Hong Kong that not only has great fun with genre conventions, it knows when to shrug them off, ignore and them and set its sights on something more interesting. Writer-director Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung and star Josie Ho both impress hugely […]