Josh Fialkov

With 2 Hours To Go, Broken Frontier Kickstarter Goes To The Wire…. (UPDATE)

2 Hours to go, $567 left after putting on $7000 overnight. We write about the Broken Frontier anthology here last week, and now it’s down to the wire. Can a last minute Bleeding Cool bump put it over the edge?  A 250-page hardcover colour anthology of comics with 45 contributors including David Hine, Mark Stafford, Greg Pak, […]

Mystery Marvel Ultimate Comics For February?

Last year, the Marvel Ultimate titles were all cancelled, replaced by individual Cataclysm mini-series, which come to a conclusion in February. And then… nothing? Aside from something called Survive in March. And we’re all wondering what April will bring. Unless it’s something February will bring. Because the Marvel site has two listings, one for Ultimate […]

Tales From ECCC: Josh Fialkov And His Green Lantern Books

At ECCC, a number of anonymous Little Bleeders talked to a number of professionals. And this is what we learned. Josh Fialkov said that his upcoming run on “Green Lantern Corps” and “Red Lanterns” will go hand-in-hand, not unlike what’s happening with “Fantastic Four” and “FF.” His run on “Red Lanterns” will draw upon “Green […]

Horror On The Paneled Page At San Diego

Louie Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con. Follow Louie on Twitter at @LouieFalcetti The “Horror On The Paneled Page” panel was an odd, yet interesting affair. It’s the type of panel that you should really make an effort to see, a panel where talented and interesting creators let you into their […]

The Kody Chamberlain/Josh Fialkov Punks iPad Game That Never Was

The comic business spins out all sorts of tentacles, trying to find ways to exploit ideas, to reach new audiences, to mine new money streams. Like a spider plant trying to find light, food, space to reproduce. Some are is successful, but many are not, they wither and die, never to be seen, to be […]