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Jennifer Ehle Joins Robocop, But What’s A “Liz Kline”?

If all Jennifer Ehle had ever done was the 90’s BBC Pride and Prejudice, she’d still be a favourite around here, but the rest of her resume is studded with brilliant work, both on screen and on stage. Last year she was one of the standouts in Stephen Soderbergh’s Contagion, later this year she’ll make […]

José Padhila Tells Me What His Robocop Film Is About

I’ve just got off the phone with  José Padhila, the director of the Elite Squad films and a man currently up to his ruffs in preparations for a remake of Robocop. Later in December I’ll be sharing what José told me about the Elite Squads, including a great little lesson on the particular way that […]

José Padilha In Talks To Direct Robocop Reboot – UPDATED

José Padilha is the director of Elite Squad and Elite Squad 2, two Rio-set action thrillers, peopled with corrupt policemen and baring sharp, obviously political edges. How surprised should we be, then, that he’s currently negotiating to take the directors seat for the Robocop reboot? Deadline are reporting that MGM are keen to get the […]