joker origin movie

Joker origin movie

[RUMOR] The Script For The Joker Origin Movie Is Almost Finished

Another day, another DC extended universe rumor. It’s like the tides or the water cycle at this point. That being said, this does go along with things that DC has done in the past, so it wouldn’t be that surprising. It’s still a rumor, though, so take it with a grain of salt. Justin Kroll […]

Joker origin movie

[RUMOR] Joker Origin Movie: A Bullied Kid With A Permanent Smile

We have a new rumor surrounding that Joker movie that The Hangover director Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese. The movie was just announced to a less than favorable reception from the internet. It seems as if a good portion of people don’t want to know or don’t care to know the origin of the Clown […]