Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

What “Jojo Rabbit” Has to Say About Redemption (Spoilers)

In my final year of college, my long-time Hebrew professor, a very guarded woman when it came to her personal life, came into class one morning and told the story about how Nazis ruined her family. She told us about her family members who had been in concentration camps and the family’s eventual run to […]

"Jojo Rabbit" Review: A Powerful Comedy That Covers Difficult Topics Brilliantly

“Jojo Rabbit” Review: A Powerful Comedy That Covers Difficult Topics Brilliantly

Jojo Rabbit aims to tackle the difficult subject matter blind devotion and a coming-of-age film with grace and comedic flair that just works. Director: Taika Waititi Summary: A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. The coming-of-age story paired with the imaginary friend trope is […]

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

“Jojo Rabbit” Isn’t A Problem For Disney

Shortly before the world premiere of Jojo Rabbit took place in Toronto, it was reported that Disney executives were worried about the film. It turns out that there was nothing here to worry about according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comments from Fox Searchlight co-chairs Stephan Gilula and Nancy Utley came during a panel celebrating […]

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

“Jojo Rabbit” takes home Grolsch People’s Choice Award in Toronto

The recently premiered Jojo Rabbit has taken home the Grolsch People’s Choice Award as the 44th Toronto International Film Festival comes to an end. Following Sunday night’s world premiere, the Taika Waititi-directed film received quite the standing ovation. One that would go on to last more than a few minutes. In receiving the 42nd Grolsch […]

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

“Jojo Rabbit” Shouldn’t Be a Problematic Film for Disney

Recent reports suggest that Disney is concerned about Taika Waititi‘s edgy anti-hate satire, Jojo Rabbit, being distributed by Fox Searchlight. Financially speaking, some of Fox’s films have been disappointments. Understandably, one can understand this could lead to frustration. Fox Searchlight is an indie film label so their films aren’t going to set the box office […]

“Thor 4”: Taika Waititi to Write and Direct Sequel, “Akira” Delayed Again

“Thor 4”: Taika Waititi Set to Write, Direct Sequel; “Akira” Delayed Again

Taika Waititi has signed a deal to write and direct Thor 4, the sequel to his megahit Thor: Ragnarok, with Chris Hemsworth expected to return… though he probably won’t be playing “Lewbowski Thor” with the beer gut. This means Waititi’s remake of Akira for Warner Brothers is on hiatus. That remake, which nobody is excited about, […]

Taika Waititi jojo rabbit

Taika Waititi Shares Image from Set of Jojo Rabbit, Calls it “Finite War”

Taika Waititi is a character — one we want to see more from for years to come. With things like Flight of the Concords, What We Do in the Shadows, and Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok under his belt, we’re pretty excited to see his next feature film Jojo Rabbit. The premise is strange to be sure: a young boy […]

Sam Rockwell

Taika Waititi World War II Film ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Gains Sam Rockwell

Oscar-winning actor Sam Rockwell will be joining Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi‘s upcoming World War II satirical farce film, Jojo Rabbit. We know, that’s a lot to take in from a single sentence. The FOX Searchlight film will center on a young boy named Jojo, who really wants to be part of the Hitler Youth and whose imaginary friend is […]