The Good Place Review, "The Answer"

“The Good Place” Season 4: Where The Beginning of The End Left Us [SPOILERS]

Welcome back to the neighborhood, friends! Well…almost. NBC‘s The Good Place will be back in the afterlife in January, which will be here before you know it! What’s that? It’s been awhile and you’re not sure you’re ready to brave all the holiday conversations laden with spoilers? Oh – and you’re all caught up but […]

Supernatural Season 14: Looking Back on Our “Lucky 13” Episodes

At its core, the CW‘s Supernatural is about family, love, and sacrifice. Monsters, angels, demons be damned–we’re on this crazy ride for the Winchesters and the family they’ve created over 14 seasons. The road so far has been a bumpy one to say the least. Stand-out seasons full of phenomenal episodes delivered cult classics. The show lost […]

fear the walking dead season 4

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4: Watch the First 3 Minutes of the Season Premiere

With The Walking Dead‘s eighth season wrapping up this Sunday (more on that below) and Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premiering the same night, AMC is pulling out all the stops to gets fans excited for a FTWD season that’s expected to take the series in bold new directions… and let’s not forget our first […]