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One Keeper And One Cancelled For ABC

ABC pulled the plug on one of their new series while giving a full season order to another. The half hour comedy, Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho that was a modern riff on My Fair Lady just couldn’t pull in the numbers to survive. The writing on the wall was there when the […]

John Cho Has Faith In Robert Orci And Star Trek 3

John Cho has built quite a career for himself, from his breakout role in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle to his latest turns on television with Sleepy Hollow and Selfie. But during a Reddit AMA the other day a lot of the questions were about his stepping onto the bridge of the new […]

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Is Wildly Entertaining But Is It Wildly Inaccurate?

First off, I’m aware that we’re dealing with a wildly fantastic fictional reality when it comes to Fox’s new series Sleepy Hollow, so far up to 5 episodes and on a brief hiatus (due to the World Series), though it has been renewed already for a second season. *[This discussion is spoiler free, only using […]

Big Action Clip From Total Recall

I saw an extended, but less polished version of this Total Recall scene at Comic-Con last summer. Now, one year on, it’s ended up online as part of the broader marketing for the film. There was a version in bootleg form doing the rounds in the interim too, I think. Why do they keep using […]

First Total Recall Footage Seems To Be Leaked Wondercon Promo

The first appearance of this Total Recall clip, as far as I can tell, came watermarked with Comicon at the head. I guess it was being set up for screening at Wondercon this weekend. Most of this footage was amongst the extended, if unfinished, sequence I saw at Comicon last Summer, in fact. All of […]