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Comicbooks For Kids

Legends Create Colouring Book For ComicBooks For Kids

ComicBooks For Kids! has created a new colouring book using bith established comic book creators and new talent, as well as biographies for the artists featured within, a first for colouring books. Titled Legends Vol 1, this volume includes previously published art, new art or unseen-until-now art from the likes of John Bolton, Gary Gianni, […]

Army of Darkness

Read: Army of Darkness Move Adaptation #1 by John Bolton

Dynamite Entertainment and Groupees are doing a horror-heavy digital comics bundle for fans of the classic Bruce Campbell film, Army of Darkness. The AOD Build-a-Bundle is designed to allow fans to pick the issues they want or collect all 111 digital comics for only $19.93 (the release year of Army of Darkness). You can find this […]

The Return Of John Bolton's Shame

Shame: Pursuit is the new graphic novel from Renegade Arts Entertainment coming out at the end of April. Written by Lovern Kindzierski and painted by John Bolton, it's the follow up to the first volume, Shame: Conception that was published in 2011. A third, final volume will be published um, some time later. Place your […]

Talking To John Bolton About Shame

Fantasy artist John Bolton, embedded in comic books from a young age, has a new comic book on the way, called Shame. And Gianluca Glazer had time to talk to him for Bleeding Cool. Gianluca: How were you first approached regarding SHAME? Did the publisher get in touch with you or were you first approached […]