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“Doctor Who”: BBC Releases Video of Modern Companions’ First Moments [Video]

“Doctor Who”: BBC Looks Backs on Our Modern Companions’ First Moments [VIDEO]

I was wondering what this weekend’s long Doctor Who archival recap video would be. Without any new episodes this year, the BBC is trying to keep fans hyped up with retrospect videos and clips. This time, it’s a half-hour compilation of the modern era companions’ first moments. By “modern era”, I mean the current version […]

“Doctor Who” Reminder: Big Finish to Livestream 20 Hours of Audio Dramas, Chats and Previews this Weekend

“Doctor Who”: Big Finish Livestreaming 20 Hours of Audio Dramas, More This Weekend

Big Finish Productions released a preview trailer of their 20th Anniversary livestream this weekend, with a 20-hour livestream on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel – with more than 20 episodes of Doctor Who audio dramas and related spinoffs will be in the stream. This includes UNIT, Torchwood, The Gallifrey Chronicles, The Diary of River Song, […]

The Story of Rose Tyler | The Women Who Lived | Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Rose Tyler – The Woman Who Saved the Doctor (VIDEO)

Promoting the book Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived, an illustrated history of the women of Doctor Who, the BBC is releasing narrated featurettes about the lives of the most important women in Doctor Who lore. The first highlighted – appropriately enough – Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s first companion and granddaughter. The second edition was released on […]

Captina of Our Hearts – The John Barrowman Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Bleeding Cool Ace Reporter Erin Wilhelm Reports from San Diego Comic-Con… No one, and I mean no one, makes an entrance like John Barrowman. After being introduced by one of his “Barrowman Bitches” (her words) garbed in a swarovski bedecked Minnie Mouse costume, Barrowman strutted in and onto the stage like no one else could. His […]


John Barrowman Honors Elisabeth Sladen With New Character For Torchwood Comic

John Barrowman revealed a new character created for the Torchwood comic published by Titan Comics: Sladen, named for the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who universe. Earlier this week, Barrowman teased the new character for the comic, which he co-writes with sister Carole Barrowman, in a Facebook video: And now he’s revealed […]

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John Barrowman Responds To The Future Of Malcolm Merlyn

John Barrowman was the big bad for the first season of Arrow and has been a part of the franchise ever since. He also spent last season as a member of the Legion of Doom on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and even popped up on the musical episode of the Flash. He is a fan […]

John Barrowman Dances On Stage In A TARDIS Dress At San Diego Comic-Con

Erin Wilhelm writes: As the TARDIS goes, so goes my nation. John Barrowman made an entrance only he could make, in a bedazzled blue spaghetti-strap TARDIS dress and matching Converse shoes, announcing, “I am the transgender TARDIS!” Despite having the 11 a.m. spot on the first day of SDCC, John Barrowman was just as honest, just as open, […]

SDCC’s Thursday Schedule Is Up

We are currently 2 weeks out from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), the largest gathering of pop culture celebration in the United States.  Historically, this means the rolling out of the year’s scheduled panels, events, and so forth. 2017 is no different, and Comic Con International released the Thursday July 20th of SDCC schedule. Yes, we’re […]

John Barrowman To Mix Sci-Fi, Supernatural And Celtic Mythology In Cursed

Legendary Comics today announced during its Awesome Con panel that actor John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow) has teamed with his sister and writing partner Carole Barrowman (Torchwood) and graphic novelist and television writer Erika Lewis (Game of Shadows, Firebrand: The Initiation of Natali Presano) to co-create Cursed: a new comic book series that sees […]

Arrow’s Malcolm Merlyn Has A Decision To Make

After his stint this season as part of the Legion of Doom, it was nice to see Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) return to Arrow in time for the season finale. But has his failure against the Legends of Tomorrow changed him in, anyway? According to, Malcolm is going to be making a concerted effort […]

Human Connections Keep Us Human – Arrow Episode Recap

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Missing . . . . . I think it was obvious to most everyone that Adrian Chase allowed himself to be captured at the end of the previous episode. So it should’ve come as no surprise to anyone when members of Team Arrow started to disappear. […]