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NBC To Turn Oliver Twist Into Crime Procedural

Another piece of classical literature is getting the network crime procedural makeover. This time: Oliver Twist. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Charles Dickens novel will be adapted as Twist, from Lionsgate and producer Joel Silver. The proposed series will center on "a struggling 20-something female," known as Twist, who discovers a family of sorts […]

Colony's Ryan Condal To Write Logan's Run

The saga of the Logan's Run remake continues … For decades, a number of interested parties have attempted to remake MGM's mid-70s science fiction film Logan's Run. The film starred Michael York as an enforcer in a society where an idyllic life inside a giant mall ends at age 30. When his remaining years are […]

Joel Silver Berates Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe In An Attempt To Get More Retweets

In a video all about getting more people to tweet about The Nice Guys, producer Joel Silver mock-berates stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe about their Twitter impressions and mobilizing their fans. [youtube][/youtube] While funny in its own right, it also calls about to scenes in many films written by Nice Guys co-writer/director Shane Black […]

Logan's Run Remake To Inspire New Franchise

While talking with writer and producer Simon Kinberg, Collider asked about his involvement in the long-planned, but never quite realized remake of Logan's Run. Kinberg recently signed on to write a new story treatment and told the site that the studio is currently looking for a director. "It's something that potentially is their Hunger Games […]

The Rock Comments On The Progress Of The Lobo Movie He's Involved With

There's your headline, up there. And here's Dwayne Johnson's tweet: . @WritingAWonder Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.. #RockTalk — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 15, 2012 Which confirms our earlier report: Bleeding Cool was told recently that The Rock is […]

Lobo Movie Back On The Blocks – Brad Peyton Tapped To Direct

Joel Silver's last choice for a director to bring DC Comics' Lemmy-tinged bounty hunter Lobo to the big screen was Guy Ritchie, but Sherlock Holmes, pub running and hair washing seemed to get in the way, and before long, he stepped down. The new name to have now become attached is somewhat less luminous. Indeed, […]

Will Lethal Weapon 5 Be The Rehabilitation of Mel Gibson?

Waiting for Mel Gibson to stop disgracing himself is probably too much like counting down the days until he's dead for it to be an idea I'm entirely comfortable with. At the moment, however, the popular opinion meter's needle is clearly in the red zone with this guy and it makes a lot of sense […]