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Joe Quesada on Why Newsstand Business Was Dreadful, Catering to Hardcore Fans

Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer and former Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada must be having a particularly boring Sunday, because he’s taken to Twitter to discuss the comics business with fans and fellow industry professionals. In one notable thread, Quesada reveals his philosophy on who Marvel should cater to (hardcore fans) and whether or not the fondly remembered days […]

Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis Blinded by MRSA Infection for Days, Now Recovering After “Worst Week of My Life”

Famed Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis just dropped some dramatic news on Twitter: he’s recovering from a serious MRSA infection which put him in intensive care for days and temporarily blinded him. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. Orbital infections caused by MRSA are “a rising menace in the ocular field” according to the […]

Joe Quesada To Focus More On Publishing During Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Transition

With the announcement that C.B. Cebulski would replace longtime Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso that was broken by Bleeding Cool earlier this week, former Editor-in-Chief turned Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will be focusing more on the publishing division. In an interview with Newsarama, Quesada revealed that he’s been more involved with Marvel’s comics since October. “I’ve […]

Charlie Cox

A Cup O’ Joe With Charlie Cox, Marvel’s Daredevil The Man Without Fear

Remember back when Joe Quesada was an artist? I don’t mean he’s not one now, but his main thing was being an artist. Now he’s Chief Creative Officer for Marvel, he’s tried his hand at directing an episode of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD webseries Slingshot, and now he’s becoming a pseudo-talk show host. At […]

Marvel January 2018 Solicits: Weekly Books For Everyone!


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Marvel Says Northrop Grumman Partnership Was About STEM; Plus Writer Fabian Nicieza Speaks

Marvel has issued an official statement about their short-lived partnership with Northrop Grumman, the world’s fifth-largest defense contractor and manufacturer of weapons such as ICBM missiles, nuclear stealth bombers, and ship-mounted laser cannons. You know, aerospace stuff. 😐 Marvel released an all-ages comic book with recruitment advertisements for Northrop Grumman, and were planning an event at their New York Comic […]

Another Marvel Classic Gets Rebooted At New York Comic Con

After this year’s New York Comic Con, the Marvel Universe will never ever be the same again! You know what this means, of course: something is getting rebooted. And that something is the Cup O’ Joe Panel featuring Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada! Quesada revealed the shocking news on Twitter: Don’t miss Cup O’ […]

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Report: Christine Boylan Tapped To Write Painkiller Jane Movie

Jessica Chastain is already set to produce and star in the adaptation of the comic by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada. It’s been almost a year since we had some big news on the movie adaptation of Painkiller Jane, but it looks like production is picking up. Christine Boylan has previously written for TV shows […]


Marvel Teases By Asking ‘Who Is Voyager?’ To Be Revealed After Marvel Legacy

Marvel have released another one of their patented teasers, this time showing a simple piece of character artwork and the question emblazoned on it of ‘Who is Voyager?’ Marvel provided little else in way of details or comments on where we might see this character of Voyager appear, aside from the artwork by Joe Quesada, […]

SDCC Marvel Cup O’ Joe Panel Report: Lackluster And Boring

The big Marvel news panel of SDCC rolls around again, so we will see what kind of announcements and news chief creative officer Joe Quesada has in store for us this time. Bringing editors Nick Lowe, CB Cebulski, Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker the VP of Development of Marvel TV and New Media, and creators Kris […]

Joe Quesada Tells Todd McFarlane – You Swiped The Wrong Person!

This is the cover to the Spawn #1 Directors Cut, out next Wednesday. A homage by Todd McFarlane to the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #1. Todd includes the homage notation. Except… while Mark Bagley drew the issue, he didn’t do the cover. That was from Chief Creative Officer, then Editor-In-Chief, Joe Quesada. Who just noticed… […]

Marvel Legacy One Shot Looks Suspiciously Old School

Just revealed at the Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at C2E2, we have been shown this cover to the oversized Marvel Legacy one-shot that launches the big Marvel Legacy rebranding that is part of Marvel’s yearly refresh. First up, this cover by Joe Quesada is gorgeous. I mean just….GORGEOUS. But something sticks out a bit. […]

Hey Joe Quesada, Stan Lee, Never End An eBay Auction On A Monday

The Hero Initiative charity that fundraises to help veteran comic book creators in need has a couple of items closing on eBay today that could, conceivably be underpriced. Closing eBay auctions on a Monday is never a good idea.Let’s see if we can help. On April 14th in Beverley Hills, Marvel Comics CCO Joe Quesada […]

Stan Lee And Joe Quesada To Do Cup O’ Joe In Beverly Hills

The Hero Initiative is having a big event in April and we’ve got the details. There will be a special Cup o’ Joe panel with the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel, Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, will have a special chat to benefit Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic book creators in […]

The Logan X-Men Comics Artwork by Joe Quesada

Some minor spoilers perhaps, though it was kind of featured in a few of the trailers. Logan, out now in case you somehow didn’t know, features an in-universe, X-Men comic that the characters pass around and refer to occasionally. The art was created by Joe Quesada and Dan Panosian, with the former sharing on Facebook […]

Bite Sized Snapchat Shows From Disney-ABC?

Disney have agreed to produce content for internet chat megabrand Snapchat. Quite what format (or within what context) these shows will take is not yet clear, but their previous Oscars experience may give clues. Reuters delivered the news, and gave us the following from Disney-ABC exec John Frelinghuysen: Earlier this year, we worked closely with Snap […]

Joe Quesada On Directing And A Look Behind Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD: Slingshot

Last week, fans waiting for the return of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD got a brief reprieve with the release of the six-part Slingshot webseries. Now we have a behind-the-scenes featurette that includes talking to Natalia Cordova-Buckley who plays Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez, Clark Gregg who plays Phil Coulson and some first time director named Joe Quesada.

Agents Of SHIELD’s Spinoff Series Slingshot Reveals Amateur Joe Quesada As Director

IGN’s Terri Schwartz today reported that Joe Quesada, Marvel’s longtime Editor-In-Chief (but never before been behind a camera) as director for the first episode of the Agents of SHIELD new online series, Slingshot. The six-part digital series will be available on the ABC mobile app and on beginning tomorrow, December 13th. Taking place shortly before the beginning of […]