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JMS Has His Doctor Who Story All Mapped Out

When I got the chance to tell a Doctor Who story, for IDW's comics line, I used a story I'd had in my head for years, Room With A Deja Vu, with a criminal case taking place in a space station populated by many lifeforms, in darkest deepest space, cut off from everyone else. Basically, […]

Pop Culture Hounding Joe Michael Straczynski

[audio:] by Chris Thompson Following on from last week's very special new year podcast with the amazing Gerard Way (which you can still listen to here) – I'm pleased to present this new episode recorded live, right here in London, with one of my favourite writers J. Michael Straczynski, otherwise known as JMS! Joe and […]

Cemetery Cats From Joe Michael Straczynski From Joe's Comics

From Ten Grand… "CEMETERY CATS, the first illustrated fantasy novel from Joe's Comics, tells the story of Kristabel, a cat whose fourteen-year-old mistress has passed away. Kristabel follows her mistress to the cemetery where she joins the other cats who stand guard against the Whisperers, creatures of darkness that devour the spirits of the recently […]

A Logo Alone

Straight from Bill Sienkiewicz, the logo to Alone, his new series for Image with Joe Michael Straczynski. Two surnames with a lot of less-used consonants between them!

It's Possible That JMS May Not Be Writing For Dynamite Any Time Soon

From the sparsely-attended but big-name-filled Dynamite panel at ECCC last night, with the likes of Chris Roberson and Mark Waid amongst Matt Wagner, Ron Marz and more.  Roberson was credited with scripting over Joe Michael Straczynski's plots on the Superman Grounded arc, though has stated that he wrote the whole issues, but had to give […]

Fanboy Rampage: JMS Vs Steve Wacker (UPDATE – Now With Added Waid And Slott)

Joe Michael Straczynski posted on an open Facebook page, a link to the image above with the words Sales on The Amazing Spider-Man since my departure. Just sayin' Steve Wacker, current editor of the Spider-Man comics replied; An excellent post, JMS. Out of context, out of date and full of out-of-the-blue mean. Everyone on ASM […]