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This Prank Audition Video For Hollistion Earns Its “Sexual Harrassment” Tag

Adam Green’s sitcom Holliston is the first original commission for FearNet. It is, in some respects, a reworking of a reworking of Green’s first feature, the $400-budgeted Coffee & Donuts. That picture has gone essentially unseen since it was made over a decade ago – though I can’t help but hope it will at least […]

Non-Stop Action Picture Everly To Star Kate Hudson

At some point later this year, Joe Lynch‘s sophomore picture The Knights of Badassdom will finally be unveiled. It’s been a long time coming – not least because Lynch seemed to take an awful long time selecting a second project. And it’s a special film to Bleeding Cool, being the subject of my first story […]

VIDEO: A Clip From The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein

The horror comedy anthology Chillerama is a mixed bag – such is the nature of anthologies. The best installment, I think, is Adam Green’s remarkable The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. I’ve seen it four times now and have been more taken with it every time. In this clip you’ll see Adolf Hitler discover the diary […]

Adam Green And Joe Lynch Explain Chillerama – A Love Letter To A Century Of Cinema

I’ve seen the horror anthology Chillerama twice now, once at Comic Con and then last weekend at Frightfest. One of the installments, Adam Green’s The Diary of Anne Frankenstein was also screened at Frightfest last year, so I’ve seen that little blighter three times. Luckily, it’s something remarkable – an absurdist assault on Hitler by […]

We’ve Also Got The Scoop On Adam Green’s New Horror Sitcom Holliston

During Brendon’s highly illuminating talk with Adam Green at Frightfest, he also got the writer-director to talk a bit about his new TV series, Holliston, which is presumably named after Green’s home town of Holliston, Massachusetts. “The show is called Holliston, it’s the first ever horror sitcom. It’s kind of like the anti-Friends, so it’s […]

Chillerama And The Knights Of Badassdom – A Joe Lynch Pawprints Special

The long awaited second feature from Joe Lynch is just around the corner though if you catch the wind just right, you’ll probably be able to smell the sweat and grue from here. Knights of Badassdom will be the “Sundance picture in a tentpole’s skin” that sees a series of LARPers thrown into battle against […]

First Official Image From Chillerama’s Zom-B-Movie Takes Us To The Last Drive-In

Coming later this year is the anthology picture, Chillerama. Each of its four segments will be a B-movie pastiche, largely played for dark and booming laughs. I saw a 95% completed version of one chapter, Adam Green‘s The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, at Frightfest last Autumn, and really rather liked it. The other three chapters […]

What We Know About Joe Lynch’s Everly (Makes It Sound Great)

One of the scripts to make last year’s Black List of hotly-touted screenplays was Everly by Yale Hannon, a film pitched as Panic Room meets Crank.* It is, if you’ll pardon a daft pun that you’ll get in a paragraph or two, wall-to-wall action. The story credit for the film goes to Hannon and Joe […]

More Dinklage In The Second Knights Of Badassdom Image – UPDATED In Hi-Res

Up above is the second, official image from The Knights of Badassdom. We previously ran the first. This appears to show Peter Dinklage, as Hung, having the upper hand over Michael Gladis as King Diamond. Or maybe I need glasses. And in case you need glasses, this aint no Middle Earth – they’re LARPers. The […]

Look: It’s A Knight Of Badassdom

The knights of badassdom behind The Knights of Badassdom this weekend promised that once the film’s Facebook page made it to 1000 likes, they’d post the first promotional image from the film. I was hooked by this (they had me at “assdom”) and even tried to campaign on their behalf, get the “likes” up and […]