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An Even Bigger Tenth/Thirteenth Doctor Who Crossover Preview From Titan Comics

This Wednesday sees the launch of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season Two #1, featuring the first crossover between the Tenth and the Thirteenth Doctors, set during the episode Blink. We ran a few mini-spoilers here, regarding the Thirteenth Doctor's relationship with Martha, but you can see some of that below, in this extended preview […]

Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

Supergirl #37 [Preview]

Infected by a Crossover in Supergirl #37 [Preview]

Supergirl #37 is in stores from DC Comics tomorrow, featuring a new creative team, Jody Houser and Rachel Stott, and practically a brand new Supergirl, as Kara has become one of the Infected, a group of heroes twisted into evil versions of themselves by The Batman Who Laughs, a twisted version of Batman who is, […]

Jody to Announce Doctor Who Year Two Details at NYCC

Jody to Announce Doctor Who Year Two Details of Familiar Faces at NYCC

At the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con this morning, Titan Comics took the podium to talk about – well – many things, but to also tease what's coming from their Doctor Who Comics line. And that the writer of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor, Jody Houser, would be spilling secrets about the […]

Stranger Things: Eleven's Predecessor Six to Debut in Dark Horse Comic

In an effort to maintain continuity relevance with the hit Netflix TV show, Dark Horse Comics has announced Stranger Things: Six, a four-issue comic book mini-series that will feature the debut of Six, one of TV character Eleven's fellow test subjects. Dark Horse dropped the news via an Entertainment Weekly EX-X-XCLUSIVE, a term which refers […]

First Look at Lettered Pages for Faith: Dreamside #1

Valiant has released a first look preview of Faith: Dreamside #1, the first issue in the mini-series that helps kick off Valiant's Beyond. Beyond is a publishing initiative that will bridge the time between Valiant's current super-mega-crossover event, Harbinger Wars 2, and next year's big event, Incursion. Website io9 received the EXCLUSSSIVE preview from Valiant, along with […]

Star Wars: Thrawn #6 cover by Paul Renaud

Star Wars: Thrawn #6 [Late] Review – A Conniving Conclusion

Admiral Thrawn meets with the Nightswan on Batonn, giving the legendary smuggler an offer of partnership. Nightswan is helping resistance movements throughout the galaxy, and Thrawn believes the two can benefit one another. Meanwhile, Arihnda Pryce is going through whatever means necessary to get her family off Batonn before the Empire continues their siege against […]

Marvel Announces Spider-Girls by Jody Houser and Andres Genolet, Spider-Force by Christopher Priest and Paulo Siqueira

During their presentation at the Diamond Retailer Summit on at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel highlighted three new Spider-books for October. First up, Spider-Girls, by Jody Houser and Andres Genolet. That's right — Mayday Parker is back, alongside Anya Corazon and Spiderling. And also, Spider-Force, by Christopher Priest and Paulo Siqueria, starring Kaine, Jessica Drew, Jessica Drew, Ashley Barton, […]

Star Wars: Thrawn #4 cover by Paul Renaud

Star Wars: Thrawn #4 Review – ASMR Imperial Procedure Roleplay

Commander Thrawn and Ensign Eli Vanto are called out to handle a dispute between human colonists and the local population on the planet, Cyphar. Human colonists are raiding Cyphari crops, and it is believed that a criminal known as "Nightswan" is responsible for the conflict. It's up to Thrawn to discover the truth. While Thrawn […]

Mother Panic: Gotham A.D #2 cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

Mother Panic Gotham A.D #2 Review: The Sirens of the Future

Mother Panic sneaks into Robinson Park to seek out Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley. The park is dangerous, but Mother Panic reaches Selina and learns a way into Arkham Asylum and save her mother. Meanwhile, Madam Gala plans for her expansion into Robinson Park and make further profit off Gotham City. I've been meaning to […]

Star Wars: Thrawn #3 cover by Paul Renaud

Star Wars Thrawn #3 Review: Backstabbing, Promotions, and Mines

Arihnda Pryce's family owned a small mine on an Outer Rim world called Lothal. Doonium, a highly valuable resource, was recently discovered in the Pryce family mine, and the powers that be swiftly moved in on the opportunity. The Pryce family lost their mine, and, in an attempt to salvage her career, Pryce became an […]

Supergirl #20 cover by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Michael Atiyeh

Supergirl #20 Review: A Convoluted yet Delightful Final Issue for the Girl of Tomorrow

Supergirl, Ben, Chase, and Lar-On enact their plan to free Veritas and Insight and bring down the D.E.O, Director Bones, and Mokkari. Things complicate when a massive Viking warrior named Turid Goldenaxe arrives to execute Bones and Mokkari on the streets of National City. This forces Supergirl and her allies to push forward their timetable, […]