Marvel Brings Back Classic “Sins Past” Story in JMS Spider-Man Omnibus

Superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski had a very memorable run on Amazing Spider-Man in the mid-2000s, with notable improvements like “now Spider-Man has organic web-shooters like in the movies” and the unforgettable One More Day storyline, in which Spider-Man, totally keeping within his character, makes a deal with Mephisto that sacrifices his marriage, a storyline […]

J. Michael Straczynski Pens Heartfelt Letter About his Friend, Harlan Ellison

Yesterday the science fiction universe said goodbye to influential and one of kind author Harlan Ellison. Author and friend to Ellison J. Michael Straczynski took to his facebook page to write a letter, talking about where he came from and how important Harlan’s friendship was to him. The pair worked together a few times, Ellison wrote two […]

Sense8 Star Brian J. Smith Calls On Fans To Prevent Cancellation With Hashtag #RenewSense8

  Fans of Netflix sci-fi drama Sense8 might want to take notice, if they want to see a third season of the show. With its popularity and cliffhanger second season finale, it’s been widely assumed that the show will be renewed. But with the June deadline approaching, fans are beginning to get worried, tweeting things like: […]

Sense8 Gets Season 2 Premiere Date From Netflix… Plus A Holiday Special?!

Fans of Netflix’s Sense8, the multi-cultural telepathy sci-fi drama from The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski will have an unexpected gift under the tree on Christmas Eve. For some reason, the show is getting a Doctor Who style Holiday Special, to be released on December 23, according to a report by Deadline. The official description […]

SDCC’15: JMS To Write Flash Earth One Graphic Novels For DC Comics

Joining Superman Earth One (which he also writes), Batman Earth One, Titans Earth One and the upcoming Wonder Woman Earth One comes the fifth in the line of original DC Comics superhero graphic novels, Flash Earth One. And it’s to be written by Joe Michael Straczynski. He announced this at his panel at San Diego Comic Con […]

Sens8’s Muddled Grand Ambition And Epic Faceplant – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh

Adi Tantimedh writes, You’d think Sens8 was the type of ambitious international Science Fiction epic that many of us have dreamed of, finally realised through the labyrinthine dynamics of international financing that wasn’t possible 10 years ago. A famous actor in Mexico with an identity crisis… an East European criminal inheriting his father’s gang and […]

Brian Bendis Gets To Do In X-Men What JMS Wasn’t Allowed To In Spider-Man

So Brian Bendis has been doing some fun things with time in the Marvel Universe titles he’s been writing these last few years. Time was rewritten with Age Of Ultron. The All-New X-Men came from the past to the present, while the Future X-Men came from the future to the present, giving us at one […]

JMS And Ben Templesmith, Working Together Again

So, last year Ben Templesmith was replaced as the artist on JMS’s Ten Grand comic series for Image Comics. A work-for-hire gig for Ben, he seemingly went incommunicado after being sent a script. At the time JMS wrote,  Most recently, we gave Ben a full script on July 26th. It is now September 4th, and […]

JMS Has His Doctor Who Story All Mapped Out

When I got the chance to tell a Doctor Who story, for IDW’s comics line, I used a story I’d had in my head for years, Room With A Deja Vu, with a criminal case taking place in a space station populated by many lifeforms, in darkest deepest space, cut off from everyone else. Basically, […]

Pop Culture Hounding Joe Michael Straczynski

[audio:] by Chris Thompson Following on from last week’s very special new year podcast with the amazing Gerard Way (which you can still listen to here) – I’m pleased to present this new episode recorded live, right here in London, with one of my favourite writers J. Michael Straczynski, otherwise known as JMS! Joe and […]

Things To Do In London This Week If You Like Comics – JMS To Tintin

It’s January! it’s a New Year! So London is covered in rain, gloom and despair. But don’t you fret! There are comic book things! Cameron Stewart, Will Simpson, JMS and Tintin! Saturday 4th January Cameron Stewart is signing at Gosh! Comics tomorrow Creator of the award-winning comic Sin Titulo, and artist on such mind blindingly […]

This Is A Twilight Zone #1 Spoiler – But Is That Nick Barrucci?

This is Nick Barrucci, the publisher of Dynamite Comics, publishers of The Twilight Zone #1 out today, written by J Michael Straczynski. It features the story of a man who changes his identity utterly. But what an identity to change to. That’s… Nick isn’t it? Or at least a younger, slightly slimmer version of him. […]

JMS’ Apocalypse Al Moves Heaven And Earth To Image Comics

Another new Image comic for February. Though you may have heard of it before… The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, a four part mini-series by JMS, Sid Kotian and Bill Farmer. Was to have come out frtom MTV Geek. And then, well, the Geek fell. At which point, Image jumped in, already publishing a number of […]

2000AD Vs JMS – Twilight Zones And Future Shocks

 JMS was quoted, talking about The Twilight Zone comic, saying You can’t do a Twilight Zone story in ten pages, or one twenty-two page comic book; you need to be able to establish and develop the character, and that takes time. You could never do a single comic book with the depth of storytelling you’d […]

Monday Runaround – Local Monsters

THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL Samit Basu talks about his new Indian comic, Local Monsters. “They are folks with supernatural powers,” he says about Bengali vampire Bela, Yeti Tashi and North East local Indra. “They have fangs, horns, and the ability to make earth-shattering sounds, which make them targets for secret government agencies looking for conspiracy […]

Reprint Review: Sidekick #1 By JMS And Tom Mandrake

The following article was written last week and is reprinted today, along with the publication of the comic. Sometimes I dream of revolution, a bloody coup d’etat by the second rank–troupes of actors slaughtered by their understudies, magicians sawn in half by indefatigably smiling glamour girls, cricket teams wiped out by marauding bands of twelfth […]