kevin maguire

Kevin Maguire Draws The Justice League International For The JLI Omnibus Cover

On September 27th, Justice League International Omnibus Volume 1 is scheduled to hit comic shops, letting fans revisit the first part of the classic run in glorious hardcover edition. Retailing for $99, it can be preordered on Amazon for 54 bucks. But so far, it seems, we've only seen half the picture… literally! The cover […]

Rob Liefeld Leaves Grifter – Will January Bring The DC Fourth Wave?

I really rather enjoyed today's Grifter #12. But it is one of the lower selling DC New 52 books. Rob Liefeld tweeted; As much as I love doing a bunch of books at DC, I'll be saying goodbye to Grifter with the December issue, #16. Fun ride tho. He's staying on Deathstroke and Savage Hawkman… […]

DC Cancels Justice League International With Issue 12

In September, DC Comics publishes zero issues of the New 52, to celebrate the year anniversary of the revamp. Some books however, it seems, may not make it that far. Justice League International #12 will be the last issue of the series. An interesting decision as it outsells the like of Suicide Squad, Superboy, Birds […]

The Return Of The Mysterious Missing JLI Woman

When the first cover visuals for Justice League International #1 were shown, there was one unknown woman on the cover. Then, for reasons also unknown, she was removed. And on the final version, replaced with Flashpoint's Lady Godiva, who appeared in the issue in question. Bleeding Cool speculated that she might be Alexandra Gianopoulous from […]

Action Comics #1 To Go On Sale In The UK Fifteen Hours Before USA

This week a number of DC stores had a midnight opening to sell Justice League #1 and Flashpoint #5. The UK missed out as stores only got their comics on the day of sale, because of the Bank Holiday on Monday. So they are doing it next week instead. UK retailers will be allowed to […]

JLI – From Foxy Margaret Thatcher To Plastic Man…

That would be a rather foxy Margaret Thatcher as opposed to the walking zombie we have now. This teaser from DC Comics for the Justice League International also shows us Booster Gold, Plastic Man, Ice, Hawk, Frankenstein, Vixen, Fire and a shaven Oliver Queen? And could that be Jackson King from Stormwatch and Monarchy up […]

Booster Gold And The Return Of The Mystery JLI Woman…

In DCU Editorial pages this week, the Justice League International cover featuring a mystery woman returns. Ever since its original appearance, she's been missing from the cover for some unexplained reason. In this week's Booster Gold #47, the final issue of the series, Booster Gold does make his intentions to one superpowered Alexandra Gianopoulous rather […]

Identifying The Mystery Woman On The Original Cover Of JLI #1

When the cover to the relaunched JLI #1 was first shown, there was an unidentified female figure on the left, the identity of whom caused some debate. Then suddenly, DC removed the figure from the cover in all its previews. The now-unbalanced image caused even more debate as to why DC would do such a […]

The New Justice League International

Spinning off from Justice League: Generation Lost, Bleeding Cool understands that we can look forward to a new, a very new Justice League International. Back in the day, Justice League written by Giffen and DeMatteis, became Justice League International, a global franchise superhero team and also the first, and possibly best, superhero sitcomic, It was […]