Jimmie Robinson

Jimmie Robinson – “I Haven’t Drawn in A Year. I Don’t Know What Happened.”

Permission granted to Bleeding Cool to republish this post by Jimmie Robinson, creator of titles such as Bomb Queen, Five Weapons, and The Empty. He received an Inkpot Award in 2015. I haven’t drawn in a year. I don’t know what happened. Call it what you want… a mid-life crisis, depression, anxiety, whatever. A switch went off in […]

Jimmie Robinson’s Bomb Queen To Be A Cartoon Series – Announced At WonderCon

Thanks to Joshua Stone at the Image Comics panel at WonderCon for Bleeding Cool, for sending in the news that Jimmie Robinson just announced that Bomb Queen is going to be adapted into an animated series. For those not in the know, The Queen is a villainess who has eliminated and subsequently banned all superheroes from the fictional […]

Jimmie Robinson’s Empty #2 Hits Shelves Tomorrow

Jimmie Robinson is one of the most versatile artists in the industry. His books include Bomb Queen, Evil & Malice, Avigon, Amanda And Gunn and Five Weapons. He has a new series out called The Empty and the second issue is in comic shops this week. Jim Valentino, Image co-founder and head of Shadowline, posted […]

Image’s The Empty Is Full Of Life

By Julz Hendricks I am head over heels in love with The Empty #1, out this past week from Image. Not only is is a fast read, but it ends on a cliff hanger so you will have to hold your breath until issue 2 comes out. Genius! Tanoor the main character has been risking […]

The Bleed Episode 2.4: Reading Rat Queens With Jimmie Robinson

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt and Samuel Morse The Bleed is a weekly podcast by Bleeding Cool contributors Joe Schmidt and Sam Morse. The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. Say hello to the one and only Jimmie Robinson! Jimmie has created some great titles for […]

Comics And Cosplay Reviews Five Weapons – With A Themed Costume Tutorial For You

[youtube]http://youtu.be/9RWk92uJwJ4[/youtube]   Comics and Cosplay Host and Bleeding Cool Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto reviews Five Weapons by Jimmie Robinson, the comics series from Image Comics.  When the world’s deadliest, stealthiest, and most infamous assassins need a place to educate their children, an institution that respects and upholds their values, they turn to the prestigious […]

Surviving 15 Shows in 15 Weeks (Part 4 of 3) – Write or Wrong By Dirk Manning

By Dirk Manning At the end of 2013 I decided to complete the Herculean task of setting up for 13 consecutive comic conventions, horror conventions, and/or in-store book signings in 13 consecutive weeks. I was promoting my new/upcoming comics Love Stories to Die For (Image Comics/Shadowline), The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (Big Dog […]

Rob Guillory Talks About The Bigger Issue In The Diversity In Comics Debate

Rob Guillory works with John Layman on the Eisner and Harvey award winning Image Comic Chew. He got pulled into the diversity in comics discussion that stemmed from the Image Expo today when he was mentioned by another Image artist, Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen). Guillory gave a good and unique insight into the discussion… plus […]

Six Panels From Five Weapons One

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool I had my doubts about Five Weapons. I’ve suffered through quite enough ‘It’s Harry Potter but they fight!’ ‘It’s Harry Potter but they’re all already dead!’ ‘It’s Harry Potter just with cake baking!’ nonsense to last a lifetime and at first glance, all this seemed to do was add […]