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Marvel Comics to Publish Steranko is Revolutionary! King-Size Hardcover

Marvel Comics to Publish Steranko is Revolutionary! King-Size Hardcover

The King-Size hardcover range from Marvel Comics are extraordinarily over-sized hardcovers, that take up much of the comic book shops that sell them. Around twenty-two-inches high and fourteen inches wide, it’s hard to miss them in stores. Created and named to celebrate the work of Jack Kirby, they have published three volumes of his work […]

Jim Steranko Blames Promoter Chris Wertz for Great Philly Comic Con Absence

As recently as last week, legendary artist Jim Steranko was promoting his appearance at Great Philly Comic Con, scheduled for Friday through Sunday at the Oaks Expo Center. And no excuses! Drop by the GREAT PHILADELPHIA COMIC CON at the Oaks Expo Center April 27-29, where I'll be holding court alongside a battalion of celebs […]

Jim Steranko And Mike Grell To Appear At Inkwell Awards

Eisner Hall of Fame award-winning creator Jim Steranko will be making an appearance at the 9th annual Inkwell Awards that will be presented June 17-19 at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. The Inkwell Awards recognizes one of the most underrated jobs in the industry, that of the inker. It does so with five different categories: […]

Recycle File: Jim Steranko’s Captain America

This is the Jim Steranko variant cover for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. Very nice. And this is the Jim Steranko poster for the Dallas Comic Con in 2013, which Jim Steranko attended as a headlining guest… Good to see Marvel attaining their recycling quotas.

Jim Steranko Takes Avengers To Top Of Advance Reorders

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And […]

Jim Steranko Confirms His “Ducoso” Sketch on eBay Is Also A Fake

Earlier this week, we looked at the sales on eBay of a number of sketches purporting to be from famous, often distant comic book creators and cartoonists from a Dutch seller. As well as expert testimony doubting the provenance of a number of those pieces, we also had confirmation from John Romita Jr that sketches […]

Missed Out On SDCC? Maybe Try Big Wow

Comicon International or SDCC is the meca of all things pop culture… except it’s getting harder and harder to get into the show. I’m hearing of regular attendees that were just not able to get tickets and pros who couldn’t get badges for their family. So what should you do if you missed out on […]

And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was

Posted by Travis Ellison... this History Of The DC Universe image used to appear in the DC Comics lobby, outside the elevators. I think I briefly saw it once on an attempt to gatecrash the place during one NYCC several years ago. It’s gone now, replace by a New 52 panel instead, which will be […]

San Diego To Die For: A (Late-ish) Comic-Con 2014 Diary

By Abdulkareem Baba Aminu As a lifelong reader, collector of comic books (and BleedingCooler), a trip to San Diego for the annual gathering called Comic-Con was bound to be embarked upon at some point. So, when the stars aligned, so to speak, I was on my way. Disembarking from the plane, I was greeted by […]

Milt Gross’ Lost Graphic Novel Comes To IDW Publishing

Milt Gross was known as a cartoonist, animator (for Disney and MGM), novelist and screenwriter (co-writing with Charlie Chaplin). He is also known for having written and drawn one of the first graphic novels, He Done Her Wrong, in 1930. Now IDW Publishing and Yoe Books are teaming up to release his ‘lost’ grpahic novel, […]

Will Steranko Return To The Shadow?

Jim Steranko loves The Shadow. He produced a good number of Shadow covers for Pyramid reprints in the ’70’s. He was going to be involved with DC’s Shadow series in the 70’s, but fell out, allegedly, due to creative differences. But would he do new Shadow work with Dynamite? .@JasonDaTwit @DynamiteComics You KNOW the answer to that […]

Fourteen Of The Batman 75th Anniversary Variant Covers From DC Comics

Here are fourteen of the upcoming Batman 75th Anniversary Variant Covers shipping from DC Comics in June… and starting with one, in mid production, that you might not have seen anywhere else yet. Green Lantern #33 by Ethan Van Sciver Justice League #33 by Darwyn Cooke Justice League Dark #33 by Kelley Jones Action Comics #33 […]

Collectors Cornered: Free Comic Book Day – The Movie, And Added Jim Steranko

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjLKerjcMyw[/youtube] Randy Myers of Collectors Corner returns to Bleeding Cool with a look at his documentary for Free Comic Book Day 2014. Free Comic Book Day at Collectors Corner this year was even smoother and more exciting than last year, with our first fan David  lining up at 4pm on Thursday afternoon.By 1pm over fifty plus […]