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After 'Double or Nothing,' AEW Can Stop Worrying About Pedestals [OPINION]

When it came to one of the most anticipated wrestling shows of 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) "Double or Nothing" delivered in a big way – and that's why we need to temper our expectations here. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson), and Kenny Omega have a solid foundation with the […]

WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Bleeding Cool Ranks All 32 Rumble Matches!

Ahh, the WWE's Royal Rumble! Every January, there is at least one thing all wrestling fans can agree on: we love us some Rumble. 30 men and 30 women (sometimes 40!) come to the ring in timed intervals one at a time for the ultimate shot at immortality: main eventing the granddaddy of them all, […]

Wrestling Legend Jim Ross Regrets Supporting Donald Trump

It's no surprise that an old-school member of the pro wrestling brotherhood like Good Ol' Jim Ross would be inclined to vote for Donald Trump for president when he ran back in 2016. Trump himself is a WWE Hall-of-Famer, whose association with the company dates all the way back to WrestleMania 4. Trump has been […]

Why Did WWE's Jim Ross Call The Undertaker Booger Red? The Answer May Shock You!

There have been a lot of failed attempts to brand professional wrestlers with a bad nickname, but perhaps the most memorable is the one Good Ol' JR tried to give The Undertaker during his American Badass phase: Booger Red. The name still induces cringes today. It doesn't make any sense. Why associate a motorcycle-riding supernatural […]


The Weekly Static S01E18: Hogan, Hardwick, and Co-Opting Holidays

Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls! Every time that you lose it sing it for the world! Sing it from the heart, sing it till you're nuts! Sing it out for the ones that'll hate…The Weekly Static! Now that we've gotten our "dos cucharadas" of My Chemical Romance goodness out of the […]

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Jim Ross on Hulk Hogan's WWE Return: "The Guy Paid His Price"

Now that the world is focused on driving powerful men out of their positions for sexual misconduct, is the door open for powerful men previously driven out of their positions for racist rants to return to the fold? According to WWE Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross, that may be the case. Ross spoke with Business Insider promoting […]

WWE's Women's Tournament To Be Called The Mae Young Classic

Some people say Stephanie McMahon started the Women's Revolution. Some people say Roman Reigns started it, and looked strong while doing so. Whatever the truth is, which we may never know, we do know that the next step in the Women's Evolution will take place in July,  when 32 women from 17 countries around the world […]

Report: Big Name (SPOILER) Is Returning To WWE At Wrestlemania

Spoilers below for WrestleMania. Bah gawd! Good ol' JR is coming back to WWE, and it's gonna be a slobberknocker! Reports from various dirt sheets say that the Hall of Famer has signed a new contract with WWE, which will commence on Sunday when Ross calls a match at WrestleMania, though reports are unclear on whether […]