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"Dark Crystal" The Garthim Master Returns with Chronicle Collectibles

Dark Crystal slightly horrified me as a child. This classic puppet film brought about a new way of cinema but all I could see was living puppets ready to haunt my dreams. You can now bring these dreams to life with a new Dark Crystal statue from Chronicle Collectibles. This time skekUng The Garthim Master is ready for […]

Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts Coming from BOOM! in March

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced a new four-issue mini-series in the Jim Henson's The Storyteller series. Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts will explore folk tales about the afterlife, with the first issue by Márk László and Jim Campbell telling the story of the Myling from Scandinavian folklore. Check out the press release below for […]

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Comic-Con 2019 Sneak Peek | Netflix

"Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance" Is The Height Of Puppet Tradecraft

In advance of the Netflix Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Hall H panel here at San Diego Comic-Con, key members of the cast and crew sat down to chat with the press. Executive Producer Lisa Henson, Director Louis Leterrier, and star Taron Egerton took questions on topics that ranged from pre-production to singing. The most […]

Sesame Street Collectors: Own a Life Size Cookie Monster Thanks to Haslab

Sesame Street Collectors: Own a Life Size Cookie Monster Thanks to Haslab

Sesame Street fans, we don't often get to say this, but your day has come. After months of speculation to what the next Haslab project from Hasbro would be, we now know. After the huge success they had with Jabba's Sail Barge, their next project will in fact be a life size version of Cookie […]

Library of Congress Honors 50 Years (50! Ah-Ah-Aaaaahhhhh!) of 'Sesame Street'

The latter half of 1969 was a time of great turmoil in this country: civil rights issues were coming to a boil, Vietnam had proven to be a costly and foolhardy intervention, and the youth were in open revolt against the establishment culture of post-WWII America. Still, two things occurred during that period of time […]

Neil Gaiman, Jim Henson Company Revamping 'The Storyteller' at Fremantle

One of the great unsung pieces of Jim Henson's long and wonderful legacy is The Storyteller, a live-action series from 1987 blending the magic of the Muppets with lore and legends from around the world. The story goes that Henson based the series off daughter Lisa Henson's studies of myths and folktales, resulting in a […]

Jim Henson's The Storyteller Dives Into Mermaids for New Sirens Mini

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced a new entry in the Jim Henson's The Storyteller series hitting stores in April, proving once and for all that darlin' it's better down where it's wetter. From creators including Jakub Rebelka, Bartosz Sztybor, Chan Chau, Sarah Webb, and Aud Koch, Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Sirens will be a 4-issue […]

Chronicle Collectables has Full-Sized Door Knockers from 'Labyrinth'!

At long last, someone has made full-sized door knockers directly from Labyrinth, and we want them! Paul Francis, Creative Director / Owner of Chronicle Collectables says: "The response to our Jareth statue proved that there is still a huge fan base for Labyrinth. We're elated to bring forth these door knockers that fans can actually put […]

'Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' GIANT Cast List, First Look

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the release of the Jim Henson masterpiece The Dark Crystal. To celebrate such a milestone, Netflix has released a ton of information about their upcoming 10-part prequel series, Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance. Here are three Gelfling heroes from the Age of Resistance- There was also newly released cast list, including […]

'Labyrinth' Sequel Has a Script Says Fede Alvarez

Rumblings of a sequel to the much-beloved film Labyrinth seem to happen every few years, and director Fede Alvarez says it's closer than you may think. There was a story a few years back that made the rounds about a reboot of the classic, which was quickly amended to be "another film within the world" rather than […]

Sesame Street's Mark Saltzman Wrote Bert and Ernie "As A Loving Couple"

In 1969, the famed felt pair of Bert and Ernie made their debut in the pilot episode of Sesame Street – and would remain a famous (and permanent) fixture on the long-running children's series. For nearly a half-century, these main Muppets used song, dance, and rubber duckies to make generations of kids into better human […]

Dragon Con to Host Live Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge

It's almost time for fans from all over the world to converge on Downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the 31st Dragon Con. One of the special things about the event annually is the cosplay and incredible builds the talented creators bring to the Peach Tree center hotels, and the convention is giving […]

Jim Henson's Beneath the Dark Crystal #1 cover by Benjamin Dewey

Jim Henson's Beneath the Dark Crystal #1 Review: Pretty but a Bit Dull

Kensho is seeking alone time with the Dark Crystal when he is recognized and lauded by children. They are driven off by the arrival of Bohrtog, who has a woman named Toolah in tow. Aughra arrives soon after. This trio of Kensho, Toolah, and Aughra go to the council of the Gelfling, whom are trying […]