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'Mulan': Watch the Brand New Trailer For The Live-Action Disney Remake

‘Mulan’: Watch the Brand New Trailer For The Live-Action Disney Remake

Mulan, the latest live-action Disney remake, just debuted its brand new trailer this morning. Much has been made of this film departing from the animated version of the film, but judge for yourself by watching the trialer and checking out the new poster below: When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man […]

The Expendables 3 Gets Final Trailer And Lionsgate To Sue Over Leak

The August 15th release date for The Expendables 3 is fast approaching and the studio has put out a final trailer. The big question that day will be just how much did the leaking of the film on-line hurt the box office numbers? Lionsgate is preparing for the worst as, according to THR,¬†they are filing […]

Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate Gets Longer Trailer, New Footage

It was just the other day that I was (atonally) singing the praises of Tsui Hark‘s recent Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame; it can’t have been more than ten minutes since I was last fighting with somebody over the merits of 3D cinema. And, talk of those devils, here comes a new, longer trailer […]

Second Trailer For Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate – Yes Please

You’ll probably recognise quite quickly that The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate was shot, and intended to be seen, in 3D. Indeed, even this trailer’s edit is trying to work that extra dimension, with its pop-up and floating titles. [youtube]![/youtube] Check out the first teaser too, if you missed it. Director Tsui Hark and star […]

Tsui Hark’s Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate 3D Gets A Great Teaser

Tsui Hark thought very carefully in planning The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, the better to exploit its 3D stereography. While this trailer is 2D only, you can start to get a handle on  bits and pieces of what he was thinking. And anyhow, these images still appeal in only two dimensions. [youtube][/youtube] More please.