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Jesse Grillo’s Guide To A Successful Kickstarter

Jesse Grillo‘s name is mud on Kickstarter, after a series of events that saw a legal battle over a rival Kickstarter and publisher and for pulling all his Kickstarter productions in response to increasing criticism over non deliverance of promises. But that’s all in the past isn’t it? Let’s all forgive each each. And on the […]

Jesse Grillo Pulls All Kickstarter Projects For Bleeding Ink Productions

Oh dear. We’d reported on some of the dodginess concerning Jesse Grillo, Bleeding Ink Productions and Kickstarter before. Today it all came to a head. Hey everyone. I have some sad news. Bleeding Ink is no more. I can’t handle the disappointments and failures associated with trying to create so many projects. Between the trolls […]

Taking A Trip To An 80s Horror B Movie

Cameron Hatheway writes; The big, blaring message I took away after reading The Trip was this; don’t do drugs. It almost felt like the D.A.R.E. program on steroids, combined with the campiness from an 80’s horror movie that was shown only once at the drive-in before the film caught fire. Stand aside Reefer Madness, there’s […]

Kickstarter Wars: Joshua Black Vs Blackwood

Bleeding Cool has received a number of complaints concerning Jesse Grillo of Bleeding Ink Productions, representing other artists’ work as his own, launching online attacks against anyone who points this out, and using multiple aliases to bolster his own position online. But, you know, he’s hardly alone in that sort of thing and hadn’t quite […]