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Image Reveals Jason Shawn Alexander's Cover for Spawn #300

Image Reveals Jason Shawn Alexander's Cover for Spawn #300

As Spawn gets ready for its milestone 300th issue, Image Comics has revealed Jason Shawn Alexander's cover for Spawn #300. This is the latest of several covers by superstar artists including Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, J. Scott Campbell, and Jerome Opena for the issue which will also feature interior art by McFarlane and Capullo and […]

Spawn Gets Crucified for Spawn #295

Just when you thought your outrage was over, pearl-clutching bible-thumpers, Todd McFarlane and Image Comics are ramping up the blasphemy! As Spawn heads toward its 300th issue, creator McFarlane revealed a page of interior art from Spawn #295 by artist and man with three first names,¬†Jason Shawn Alexander, showing the titular character being crucified on […]

Krypton Season 1: Decrypting Episode 9, 'Hope'

Syfy has released the a new episode of Decrypting Krypton, which they turn into Decanting Krypton while they take a look at all of the alcoholic drinks consumed on the series and give some recipes for making some Krypton-inspired drinks at home. You might not think the alcohol is important to the series, but Adam […]

Spawn #285 cover by Francesco Mattina

Spawn #285 Review: Interesting Allegory Buried in Text

Spawn is captured by the United States government. He's not speaking to them, and his status as an unidentifiable individual sparks a media and federal firestorm as the U.S scrambles to find out what to do with Al Simmons. Disclaimer time: I'm not especially familiar with Spawn. This is the first comic about the character […]

temple of art

Temple Of Art: The SDCC Panel You Didn't Know You Didn't Want To Miss

I'd been looking forward to the Temple of Art panel for a while, but I'm guessing that since it was at 8 p.m. on Saturday night at SDCC, most people did not have it on their radar. With a panel that included filmmakers Allan Amato and Olga Nunes, as well documentary subjects Bill Sienkiewicz, David […]

Sienkiewicz, Mahfood and Alexander Get Political

We saw the Bernie Sanders piece Bill Sienkiewicz did the other day, but now he has been joined by fellow artists Jim Mahfood and Jason Shawn Alexander on this jam piece depicting their interpretation of the current presidential race. They're depictions of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to be a bit unflattering […]

A Bleak Future Explored In Jason Shawn Alexander's The Empty Zone Vol. 1

Here comes another comic worth collecting from Image. Eisner-award nominated artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien: The Drowning, The Escapists) weaves the unsettling, dystopian saga of Corinne White that introduces readers to a bleak future, eighty years after a worldwide blackout in The Empty Zone Vol. 1: Conversations with the Dead. Writer of Saga, Brian […]

How Jason Shawn Alexander Makes A Human Machine In Empty Zone

I've been impressed by Empty Zone ever since I saw the Kickstarter art for the series and learned about its long history as Jason Shawn Alexander's haunting personal project. Now that the series is rolling out from Image Comics, it seems like my impression of the series changes with each issue. In the opening issue, […]

Capturing A Sense Of The New In Empty Zone #1

I was impressed by the history behind the comic when I previously spoke to writer and artist Jason Shawn Alexander about his upcoming Image publication Empty Zone. Some readers may be aware that the comic appeared before in different forms, represents the artist's original creator-owned idea at the age of 19, and how he's returning […]