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James Bond #1

Read James Bond #1, Part of the Dynamite/Comixology 50% off Sale

It's time to catch up on those comics you've wanted to read from Dynamite but haven't had a chance. The publisher is having a 50% off sale over at Comixology with everything released prior to December 12th, 2017 on sale. That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, Agent 47 — and James Bond: Vargr #1 by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. This is the […]

jason masters

Exclusive Images From An As-Yet-Unknown Jason Masters Comic

Comic book creator Jason Masters has a new comic book coming. Title, publisher, creative concept and collaborators are still top secret. But for now we need to guess. He may not be doing James Bond anymore, but there does seem to be an abundance of assassins in the snow covered mountains bursting in to some […]

Creator Commentary – Jason Masters On James Bond #12

Jason Masters just completed a 12 issue run on James Bond with Warren Ellis for Dynamite. Now the artist sits down and gives us his commentary on the grand finale. Page 1 A little while before I was meant to start on issue 12 Warren [Ellis, writer] sent me a link he'd created in Google […]

A Look Inside The James Bond: Vargr Hardcover

I previously reviewed the first few issues of Dynamite's new James Bond series and liked it a lot but found that it might be better served in a collection rather than individual issues. In June we'll be getting that opportunity. Vargr by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters is getting a hardcover collection containing 168 pages. […]

No Mister Bond I Expect You To Fry – Review Of James Bond #4

I've gotten to take an advanced look at this weeks new release of James Bond #4 from Dynamite Entertainment and a I realized a few things. The latest issue from Warren Ellis and Jason Masters picks up in Berlin as one of Kurjak's men makes contact with Bond pretending to be an agent from the […]

Jason Masters' Art From James Bond #3

We have a look inside James Bond #3 at Jason Masters b&w art as well as the finished colors. The hit series from Dynamite focuses on the James Bond from the original Ian Fleming novels as written by modern comic master Warren Ellis. Bond is on his way to break up a small, agile drug-trafficking […]

James Bond #3, The Transition From Fleming To Ellis

In the third installment of Dynamite's James Bond series we see the shift from a loving homage to Ian Fleming's classic novels to a Warren Ellis comic. Bond heads off with the mis-information he was given last issue and walks into what he sees almost immediately is a trap. The second since he arrived in […]

Slow And Steady – Reviewing James Bond #2

Today we see the release of the second James Bond comic from Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. I got a chance to read the issue and figured I'd share my thoughts. I will do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but it would be impossible to do a review without some spoilers. […]

New James Bond Comic Feels Like An Ian Fleming Novel

I grew up with the James Bond movies. Roger Moore was already the star when I saw my first one, but I went back and saw the Sean Connery and George Lazenby films and happily continued on through Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig. If not for attending Blizzcon this weekend I would […]

Aaron Campbell Does Retailer Exclusive James Bond Cover

As we get closer to the release of the new James Bond comic series by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters from Dynamite Entertainment, we are going to be seeing a slew of retailer exclusive covers. This one was done for Madness Comics and Games by artist Aaron Campbell. He was co-creator of Uncanny with Andy […]

8 Pages From The New James Bond Comics From Warren Ellis And Jason Masters

The first new James Bond comic series in over two decades comes to comic shops this November and is on FOC today. So Dynamite has sent us 8 interior pages from the book. Timed for the release of the new Bond film, Spectre, this new series features the writing of Warren Ellis and art by Jason […]

A Look Inside James Bond: Vargr #1 By Warren Ellis And Jason Masters

Dynamite has given us a look inside the new James Bond: Vargr #1 by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. The series kicks off this November. James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, to take up the workload of a fallen 00 agent… but something evil is moving through the back […]

Warren Ellis Will Be Writing James Bond For At Least A Year

James Bond fans are in luck, not only are we getting closer to the release of Spectre with Daniel Craig… but the new James Bond comics series by Warren Ellis is on its way. Cliff Biggers talked with Ellis about the new project and we have some highlights from the conversation. Cover art and interiors […]

A Few B&W Preview Pages Of James Bond: VARGR By Warren Ellis And Jason Masters

Here's a black-and-white look at the brand new James Bond comic book VARGR, by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters. Unlettered, uncoloured, the rest is yet to come…. Beginning "VARGR", the first story in the ongoing James Bond comic series by best-selling writer Warren Ellis! James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in […]