TV Scorecard: Bleeding Cool’s Guide to January 2019 Premieres/Returns

With 2018 ready to shuffle off this mortal coil in a little over a month, it’s never too early to take a look ahead at what’s coming up for the new year – and 2019 looks like it’s going to make this year feel like Fischer-Price “My First TV Schedule.” So while Bleeding Cool rewires […]

Shudder Sets Jordskott Season 2, Black Lake Premiere Dates

Shudder is doing its part to make sure that your winter night are spent wrapped up in a blanket, with your feet no where near where anything under the couch can grab you. The AMC Networks premium video streaming service specializing in thrillers, suspense, and horror has announced a premiere date for their international horror-thriller […]

Marvel Had Twice DC’s Marketshare In January, But Walking Dead Outsold Secret Wars

Marvel Comics was January’s top publisher with a 44.38% dollar share and a 48.17% unit share. DC Entertainment was the month’s number two publisher with a 22.16% dollar share and a 24.02% unit share. The month saw Marvel reversing marketshare gains that DC Comics has made in recent months. December saw DC bring the marketshare […]

Loot Crate Promises An Invasion For January – Will It Have An X-Files Comic?

January’s edition of the Loot Crate mystery subscription box promises X-Files, Alien, The Fifth Element and Space Invaders, including an exclusive shirt, and exclusive plush figure and three other exclusives. Could one of them be an exclusive cover for the X-Files comic, currently published by IDW? They’ve already had an Orphan Black comic in a previous Loot […]

Marvel To Publish Free Collection Of 14 Of Their Hip-Hop Variant Covers

Much has been made of Marvel’s recent decision to publish a publish of variant covers for their comics featuring Marvel-themed versions of famous hip-hop covers. There have been allegations of appropriation, and of outright theft, but it hasn’t stopped them from being popular. Well on January 6th (same day as Secret Wars #9 is finally published) […]

Avatar, Boom, Dynamite And Valiant Solicitations For January 2013

Look at them. Avatar, Boom, Dynamite and Valiant busting to get into the front of Previews… well let’s give them a little tickle by binding them fast together… Avatar Press DAN THE UNHARMABLE VOL 1 TPB Retail Price: $19.99 US Cover & Art: Rafael Ortiz Writers: David Lapham MR, Color, 160 pages Whether you’re looking […]

Seven Image Issue Ones For January

There’s something about a new issue one from Image Comics. It could simply be anything. While a new book from Marvel or DC is likely to feature existing characters, Image have been the most successful instigators of something brand new, week after week after week. And in January, there are seven of them. Kind of. […]

Something… New, From DC Comics In January

For the last couple of months, Bleeding Cool has been reporting that DC Comics may be cancelling a bunch of titles and launching new books in January, as well as giving us a number of creative changes to the books. Grant Morrison announced he is leaving Action Comics with issue 16, we’ve reported Andy Diggle […]

A Couple Of Checklists For Tuesday

Okay, so we ran a lot of Marvel and DC rumours yesterday. So we thought, like last time it might be worth keeping a tally. To see which we got right and which we’re wrong. One additional thought, with all those creative changes at DC in January, and all those Before Watchmen creators suddenly available… […]