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That ‘9 to 5’ Sequel Really is Happening With Original Cast Jane Fonda Says

Jane Fonda was part of the TCA summer press tour in Los Angeles today, and she happened to comment on the proposed 9 to 5 sequel that has been on-again-off-again. Back in February we reported (like most sites did) that there was a sequel in the works, with original 9 to 5 writer Patricia Resnick teaming with actress/writer Rashida Jones to pen a […]

One of Jane Fonda’s Barbarella Rifles Sold for $220,000 at Auction

We told you yesterday about the four-day Profiles In History auction happening, and day two kicked off this morning. The high ticket item from the early part of the bidding was a surprise: one of the signature space rifles from Barbarella. The smaller of two rifles being sold that were used by Jane Fonda‘s character in […]

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Watch: First Trailer for Book Club, Featuring All-Star Female Cast

This film probably won’t be up everyone’s cinematic alley, but Book Club has a truly amazing cast of fantastic actresses. I’m someone who grew up in the First Wives Club era — a film with an incredible group of women coming together amid hilarity and heartbreak. Book Club looks like it’s right on par with that. Touting such […]

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‘9 to 5’ Reboot Happening with Original Writer and Possibly Rashida Jones

There are few films that exist with the ferocious charm of 9 to 5, an ahead-of-its-time comedic farce tale of women in an office workplace. Still relevant today, the 1980 flick was launched into classic status with the help of an amazing cast and a catchy tune. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox is speaking to […]

Curious And Impish Ruminations Found In Youth — A Review

Beautiful and mysterious, Youth is never quite the movie you expect or the movie it seems to want to be. Set in a Swiss health resort, Michael Caine stars as a retired composer being courted by representatives of Her Majesty’s government to come back for one last concert. Rachel Weisz plays his daughter/assistant who, while […]

The Cast of Youth Discuss Notoriety And “The Flops”

In the new film Youth, the characters played by Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Paul Dano and Jane Fonda are all know for one big success. While Caine’s character is a composer known for his “Simple Songs,” Dano’s character is known for playing a robot. Though asked about it often, the character is uncomfortable with that […]