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‘Halloween’ [2018] Headed to IMAX for One Week Only

Here’s your chance Halloween fans- see the 2018 record-setting installment in IMAX starting this Friday! IMAX announced that they’ll be bringing the David Gordon Green directed Halloween to theaters for one week beginning Friday, October 26th. The IMAX release of Halloween will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® […]

Castle of Horror: Halloween 2018 Sets A New Standard For Sequels

At last- we complete our 2018 Halloween Retrospective with the brand-new reboot movie Halloween. This is a long episode where we go deep into where this movie stands in context with the rest of the films, how it compares with Jamie Lee Curtis’ last return, and more. This is a SPOILER-FILLED discussion, so be warned! […]

‘Halloween’ 2018: Jamie Lee Curtis Rightfully Gets to Boast

Who woulda thought 40 years after the initial release of John Carpenter‘s classic Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis in 1978 we’d be seeing a [true] sequel breaking records?!? As Curtis tweeted on Sunday October 21st, the 2018 Halloween directed by David Gordon Green is enjoying some very interesting firsts and record-breaking status. She points out in her TOTALLY DESERVING […]

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Let’s Discuss That Halloween Ending and Twist *SPOILERS*

Halloween is now in theaters, after what seemed like the longest wait of all-time. Well, to me anyway. I very much enjoyed the film, especially after repeat viewings this week (check out my review here). They have also helped solidify some things that I thought after the first showing. From here on out: there be […]

‘Halloween’: Three Women Strode into Haddonfield History

Did we REALLY need another Halloween film in the franchise? This is a tough question, which really is up to the viewer to answer. The original John Carpenter Halloween is unmatched, but 2018’s true TRIBUTE ain’t no slouch. This will be as spoiler-free as I can make it, because there are some good twisty bits within the film […]

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Halloween Tracking For Opening Between $1 and $70 Million

Halloween opens in theaters tonight, the horror masses will pack the theaters, and Michael Myers will reclaim his slasher throne that he richly deserves. The film is excellent (check out our review here), and should mean lots and lots of repeat business over the coming weeks. But as we all know, the only number that […]

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[Review] Halloween: Back to Basics, and All the Better For It

It is not an envious position to try and revive a franchise like Halloween. Fans of the series are very passionate, and they haven’t exactly been treated with the proper respect over the years. Sequel after sequel came and went with Michael Myers history and lore becoming more and more convoluted and bastardized. After the […]

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Get Your Halloween Hype on With a New Clip and Soundtrack Preview!

Halloween is now less than a week away, and fans are giddy with excitement. A new featurette has been released taking a look at the process horror icon John Carpenter and his team went through writing the score for the new film. Hearing some of that new score along with seeing some new little snippets […]

FUNKO Has ‘Trading Places’ Pops Coming, But No Jamie Lee Curtis?!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means some of our favorite manufacturers are ready to roll out their seasonal offerings, like FUNKO and their new Trading Places Pops. The CLASSIC [fight me] John Landis film starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Don Ameche, Denholm Elliot, Ralph Bellamy, and JAMIE LEE CURTIS seems like a strange flick to get […]

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The Fog Gets a 4K Restoration, Showing in Theaters October 26

The Fog, the original classic directed by horror master John Carpenter, will return to theaters on October 26th. The kicker here is that the film has finally gotten an upgraded presentation, in 4K no less. I have seen screenings of this film at local cinemas over the years, and the prints that they acquire for […]

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Eli Roth’s History of Horror AMC Show Gets a Trailer

Eli Roth is talking the history of horror this fall on AMC. The seven-part series, titled Eli Roth’s History of Horror, will run on Sundays starting October 14th, part of AMC’s annual Fear Fest. A trailer was released today, featuring some familiar faces talking about some horror classics. Watch it below: Executive produced by award-winning […]

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Let’s Take a Look at the Halloween 4K Blu-Ray Release

Halloween fans have purchased this film about 1,753 times on various home media over the years. With a new film imminent (releasing October 19th in theaters), and the holiday itself right around the corner, all the classics are seeing release again into stores. However, this is the first time the original classic has been presented […]

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Hear the First Track From John Carpenter’s New Halloween Score Now!

Halloween fans: we are being spoiled right now. I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am. The master himself, John Carpenter along with composers Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies are composing all the music for the new film. Today, Sacred Bones Records posted the first track from the new score ‘The […]

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Halloween Releases Final Trailer, Invites Us to Face Our Fear

The final trailer for Halloween released today, with it sending our anticipation even further through the roof. After the release of the final poster yesterday, all the cards are on the table now. They really have done a brilliant job since that initial tease of Laurie on the porch, and this trailer is no different. Watch […]

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Jamie Lee Curtis Takes the Lead in New ‘Halloween’ Poster

Jamie Lee Curtis is a goshdarn gift to strong actresses. She always has been really, and it’s nice to see the genre she’s [arguably] most known for giving her the recognition she deserves. Curtis comes from Hollywood royalty, her parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis were giants of their silver screen days. She set the tone for […]

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Halloween, The Original 1978 Classic, Comes to 4K on September 25

Halloween, the 1978 classic from John Carpenter, is coming to 4K Blu-ray. Releasing on September 25th, the horror film to end all horror films comes in a two-disc pack with the film in 4K Ultra HD and a regular Blu-ray. For fans who have purchased this films many iterations over the years, the special features […]

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Halloween is Rated ‘R’, Surprising Literally Nobody

Halloween is getting so close to release now. Easily the most anticipated horror release of the year, Michael Myers big return to the screen has generated quite a bit of buzz since it was first announced. Blumhouse trusted the vision of director David Gordon Green and his writing partner Danny McBride, they got the blessing […]

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Eli Roth Tells the History of Horror with New AMC Show in October

Eli Roth is gathering some of horror’s biggest names for a new series looking at the history of the genre and why we all like being scared so much. The series will debut in time for Halloween this year, with a debut date of October 14th, fittingly at midnight. The series will last six episodes […]