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James Kochalka Returns To Superf*ckers Comics – And He's Bringing Some Friends

Superf*ckers by Jim Kuhoric is returning to comics from IDW/Top Shelf in a new five issue series starting in August. Each issue will also have a four page spots and variant covers by a spate of guest creators. The first issue will have a cover by Ryan Ottley and a back-up story by Jake Lawrence with future guest […]

James Kochalka Talks Pie, Comics, Glorkian Warrior, And Pie In This Silly Interview

James Kochalka is a man of many talents; writer, artist, musician, and the First Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont. His style is instantly recognizable, and his brand of humor has entertained readers both young and old for several years with such titles as American Elf, Johnny Boo, Dragon Puncher, SuperF*ckers, and The Glorkian Warrior. The recipient […]

The Glorkian Warrior Returns, Hungry For Adventure Pie

A vicious Space Snake thrashes through the endless twilight sky, its pink and yellow body writhing furiously to ditch the unwanted inhabitants off its back. The Glorkian Warrior's grip on the serpent's hide remains tight as he tries to reposition his legs around the beast's thick, elongated torso. Doing figure eights and loopty-loos in the […]

James Kochalka's Glorkian Warrior Delivers Fun

By Cameron Hatheway When destiny calls, will you pick up the phone and answer? One brave Glorkian Warrior does, and the rest of his evening unfolds into a wild adventure of epic proportions while delivering a peanut butter and clam pizza (don't knock it until you've tried it). James Kochalka first came up with the […]

A Very Christmas Superf*ckers From James Kochalka

James Kochalka is releasing a brand new Superf*ckers Christmas special as an e-comic next month. Ho ho ho. Published by Top Shelf Comix from 2007 to 2010, Superf*ckers is possibly the indiest superhero comic book that there can be, except that it's in colour. An animated web series based on the comic, produced for Frederator Studios' […]

Infinite Sandbox: The Cartozia Tales Kickstarter Closes In 66 Hours

Alasdair Stuart writes; Cartozia Tales is a series that never backed down from a challenge. For a start it's an anthology with nine stories in each issue. Anthologies are a whole different kind of difficult to put together but these creators all move in formation and so do their stories. They have a geography and […]

James Kochalka Sings And Dances The Theme Tune To SuperF*ckers

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0-x1CldDk0[/youtube] Remember where you saw this first. And tried to rip your eyeballs out. James Kochalka doing his very best dad dancing for a music video of the theme tune to the SuperF*ckers cartoon based on the comic book of the same name. Yes, it has NSFW language. It's called SuperF*ckers. Actually, he's not that […]

Time For A Little SuperF*cker Action

The first chapter of SuperF*ckers, based on the Top Shelf comic from James Kochalka. Yup. Sweet Mystery. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pqEWo7Rxqc[/youtube]  

James Kochalka Premieres Clip From Superf*ckers, Announces "I Am The Beast" Album

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CsAtJlM2Zs[/youtube] Joshua Stone reports from the Top Shelf panel for Bleeding Cool: After winning the Eisner Award last night for Best Book for Children with his book Dragon Puncher 2: Dragon Puncher Island, James Kochalka world premiered a clip from his new web series SuperFuckers, based on his comic, at the Top Shelf panel. The […]

Review: James Kochalka's SuperF*ckers by Greg Baldino

The superhero is the dominant cultural myth of the 20th century, and with each passing decade there comes a work to re-imagine and contextualize the ethics and philosophy of the post-human condition. In the eighties, we had Moore and Gibbons' Watchmen and Mills and O'Neill's ,Marshall Law. The decade that followed brought us Grant Morrison's […]