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Stranger Things Gets a Prequel Novel from Netflix and Penguin Random House

Stranger Things fans will soon be able to expand their world with a series of novels and companion books to the hit Netflix series. This fall will see the release of a behind-the-scenes book on the show, along with a young adult gift book. The main event, however, will be a prequel novel set before […]


Agents of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 13 Recap: Principia

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season five episode – Principia . . . . . The episode starts with a blast form the past as we see Alex Von Strucker () in a therapy session. Last we saw him he was being zapped by Lincoln Campbell while he was in […]

'Dead Ant' Trailer: Ants Aren't Just For Ruining Picnics Anymore

When you're a band looking for a comeback, hitting the road to travel the highways and byways across this country can be pretty hellish all on its own: cramped space, long hours driving, crappy motels, and eating most of your meals "to go." Worst of all? Band mates and crew that leave garbage around that […]